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  1. Bobby Ray gotta be making some pretty good dough by now. At least enough to buy a boat! 😂
  2. One of the many drawbacks of not having proper vendors. We need Bobby Ray's and Tony! 😁
  3. Running fine here on 9700k with 3080 Ti. Running 120 FPS at 1440p on ultra settings. I have had a few crashes here and there though. I run my fans a little high anyways since, well, their job is to cool things off and I'd rather run things cooler if possible vs less noisy and warmer. Mind you I wear Audio Technica M50xBT2 headphones so I don't hear them at all. 😁
  4. I was really hoping they would have added more IMP merc portraits before release and was shocked they didn't.
  5. I miss Bobby Ray's aswell as Tony. I really don't like the crafting direction they went and have been complaining about it for months. 😀
  6. This was my fear. Shops are terrible and there is no where to sell weapons. I knew there would be no Bobby Ray's but this is just bad. Thought at least we'd have a Tony equivalent.
  7. Health: 70 Agility: 85 Dexterity: 65 Strength: 65 Wisdom: 85 Marksmanship: 80 Leadership: 85 Mechanical: 5 Explosives: 5 Medical: 5 Trait: Scoundrel Skills: Night Ops and Auto Weapons
  8. Looks like the Bear's Pit just recently added some dedicated forums for JA3. No action there yet by the looks of it though. I few people have recently been posting in the JA3 subreddit I noticed. Probably just been a little slow everywhere since we've been drip-feed info to this point and with the release date only a few days, we're all starting to come out of or shells. haha I'm a big fan of subreddit so I'll be doing most of my posting there once the game releases. Note, I have added links to all relevant resources so far in the JA3 subreddit to the resources tab and will continue to do so if more pop up.
  9. Not interested in a CtH mod but I find it hard to believe the devs are implementing a CtH mod on Day 1 considering their past stance on CtH. Guess we will find out in a few days. Won't be a mod I'll use but I guess it will make some people happy if it's true.
  10. Action points are based on the mercs agility stat. The higher the agility stat, the more action points.
  11. Yeah I would agree it looks like the Python according to these pics. Guess we will find out for sure in a week.
  12. Doing a quick search on YouTube, it looks awfully similar to the Barracuda I must say.
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