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  1. This is really awesome, super happy to see development is continuing! I really, *really* hope you add auto-sort to the sector stash. If not some kind of tabbed view for different item types. But at the very least, auto-stacking and auto-sorting of items in sector stash. It is sorely, sorely needed.
  2. What??? So going prone makes it more vulnerable to melee attacks?
  3. It's not top tier but it's alright. I think top tier for AR is FAL, AK-74, G36, and AUG. M14 and AR-15 are one step below.
  4. They issued a hotfix today. Most of the issues reported are with mods installed.
  5. There are patch notes in another thread and also on steam. IMO the answer is "none". The major issues have been resolved and pause feature was officially implemented.
  6. Edited post, question already asked
  7. Well that sucks but I don't think it's surprising, or possible for devs to reasonably avoid. I think your only option is to restart your playthrough.
  8. You can kill them in any order... I did corazon first, then the major, then faucheux. If you've already killed faucheux and corazon the game just ends.
  9. "mid august" is not a day, it's a time range.
  10. Same, my voodoo quest is stuck! As is my "Merc left equipment in pantagruel" quest. But maybe that's because I missed a bag of theirs somewhere, idk.
  11. The game is barely getting started. Presumably there are at least two or maybe more official bugfix / balance patches coming. Im finally getting toward the end of my first playthrough but will probably wait for any and all "official" patches to be released before playing it again, even if it takes a year or so. I suppose if there are still legit bugs in the game by that point I would consider using mods to address them. I'm a bit hesitant to add them to a playthrough already in progress, though.
  12. Do the IMP voices change based on their portrait, or is it already the same? I'm playing as #3 and find her VO to be rather bland. I get the sense that including an IMP Merc was a last minute addition.
  13. Really? I have never had anything like that happen...
  14. I have yet to play any RPG where wounds were as devastating and consequential as they were in JA1 / JA2. JA3 is probably a close second. XCOM is not even close, because you're not as attached to your soldiers as characters. At least, I'm not. JA, especially JA2, is the only game that has caused me to wince physically when my mercs get hit, because I'm attached to them and because healing them will take time. All other RPGs I have played have instant-heal items. This is why I say it is unique among RPGs when it comes to damage and healing, in my experience. P.S. I like the fact that mercs get tired and weapons break in the game. It might not be to your taste, but it is not a 'design mistake'. It is an intentional choice.
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