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  1. Thank God, i just got FIRE'd. (Financial Independant Retire Early) It's not my problem anymore. Good Luck! God help you all.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3028441054 Yeah Nah, the Beast is already wearing the suit. I've already asked Vlad many times to craft something, and not once has he ever crafted the suit for my mercs.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3023192140 Biff is a Tactical Genius. The merc survivors are all safely behind cover; but Biff wants to lead his men from the front. During the enemy re-positioning, i was half-hoping for one of the enemy Ai to take a pot shot at Biff; but NO, it never happens.
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3028154787 The enemy that have reactive fire perk, they don't run away to reposition, instead they run towards your merc.
  5. IMO, look at it as just gameplay RNG. Everyone knows you always plan for the worse, something can always go wrong. You could have US Marines go on a training Ops in Australia, then crash their helo killing 3 highly trained aircrew and injuring a bunch of marines. RIP.
  6. Barry is just like your typical older worker, always polite, don't ask for much, they just want to do their time, finish off their career, no need to rock the boat when so close to retirement time. Don't change anything about Barry, leave him alone, let him finish up his long time career. Maybe, just tone down a tad bit on his religious spiels. Other than that, he is perfiect.
  7. $200k update, yes myself being from a capitalist society, who would have thought that being a communist would become so profitable? This game got somekind of serious but hilarious wacky political plot twist on MONEY.
  8. People forget the game devs themselves play JA hardcore. They know all our JA2 tricks, and are just making the game puzzle a little more difficult for us. Every sector map has an optimal solution. You just haven't found the best solution yet. This makes game replay possible, because many of us want that coveted Lone Wolf achievement award.
  9. I think it's great! Yesterday, i sent one merc to do some solo logistic walking back to a freindly town, to pick up and relocate inventory forward to the frontline. The merc was just armed with one M-14 rifle, a little ammo, one medkit and max empty slots in the backpack. While talking to the vendor in town, the 'abuser' dude and his tough guy bodygurad showed up, walking laps around the same town. Any intelligent sane merc would have just walked away; but i just had to make my merc do the 1 vs 2 boss enemy fight. I like that the game catches you off guard, even when you thought you were doing simple tasks.
  10. Livewire is just Ira 2.0, use her if you want, train her in marksmanship if you want, train her strength up to use her as logistic mule; ...and enjoy getting yourself triggered by her annoying trait, always asking for her 15 minute break. I think there should be a Global Achievement award for anyone who can put up with Livewire in their Alpha team for the entire duration of the game.
  11. Haha, it's like the Doctor gave Vicki busted ear drums, and red hot bullet casing burns. Yeah this shooting high & low thing doesn't work in the game. Had same problem with Barry and my IMP at D10 using single shot sniper rifles. It's a problem to code, it's like the proximity of Vicki being infront LOS of the shooter just triggers a friendly fire outcome. Good to know now, I just avoid putting the mercs into this scenario. If you still have the game save file, can you or someone try placing Vicki in crouch stance and take 'cover', see if she will also receive any damage? Maybe they need the 'CQB' perks to cancel the friendly fire outcome?
  12. Mouse is standing fully upright in the screenshot, i think she can only be in stealth mode when crouched or prone.
  13. Cashflow is $100k now, like many other people, i have been avoiding the refugee camp scenario; but as per all your advise i better start training up the Militia. How bad was the refugee camp game trigger? How much town loyalty did you lose when the SHTF? Going to hire Hitman & Wolf teaching team to help with faster training for the militia. Do these guys get along and are they able to work together?
  14. Kalyna is tired now, ...please someone help mod the ground vehicles for transport. We already got the image objects, the code for walking/movement on strategic map, maybe use the sound file for opening & closing the car door from JA2, ...what more do you need? There's a fleet of 4WD over at Poachers campsite, we can just murder them all and steal their vehicles. The world will be a better place for this.
  15. I have 2 recruit militia squads at Ernie and A2 mine, no enemy has ever attacked them. Livewire is giving me good intel, worth every penny i pay her. I don't have to divert any teams to deal with the enemy, i can see what route the enemy are taking, either the team waits for enemy to come or move on to take another sector before the enemy arrives. It's not just about the money, every kill your merc makes, they improve their stats and can accumulate additional perks. Your strategy is valid, we both are just playing different strategy at different points of the game.
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