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  1. I am not sure. I had a game when I got the mine despite being lower than 100% Pantagruel. Also another game when I didn't get the mine despite doing all the described in your message. Maybe there is some randomization.
  2. I wouldn't hope for more replies. IMHO you showed little respect to dev who tried to help you.
  3. I payed more attention and noticed enemies always move instantly in my game, thus I think having another chance to shoot before enemies act is related to stealth kill (that special roll which I disabled via my mod). Even if my unit is still stealthy after killing enemy by dealing 100% HP damage, units move instantly.
  4. Probably it is better to spawn less enemies, they have no space to move, it can affect their decisions.
  5. Yes, I am wrong. Just had a fight where enemies moved instantly despite I killed enemy from stealth, they noticed death.
  6. @D13 Maybe I am wrong then. I will pay more attention in my game and will share results if I see something which differs from my expectations. No reloads though as I play ironman. And no stealth kills due to my mod.
  7. As far as I recall it always worked this way. a) If you kill enemy, you don't lose stealth and other enemies are surprised and don't move until your next attack (you can even move all your mercs, it is tactical mode already). b) If you fail to kill enemy, you lose stealth and they move instantly. Advantage of initiating combat with Fox is that enemies don't move even if she does not kill enemy and thus loses stealth.
  8. Use Fox (restores AP if initiates combat and then enemy is surprised) and Grizzly (free attack on combat start), ideally with Raven (criticals debuff by overwatch area). That's 2 free attacks before enemy can react, probably with criticals. Add Raider for even more fun as he can increase ovewatch accuracy.
  9. I don't think there is a way to see it. Yes, you are supposed to run into surprises in this game, that's the whole point of hiding CtH, enemy HP etc.
  10. That's hilarious. As side effect of my mine mod enemies will not trigger own mines revealed by player.
  11. As I learned today, there is a point-blank bonus for handguns, +15% accuracy: @Solaris_Wave Enemies can have perk to ignore overwatch too, especially melee guys.
  12. I guess we really need a dev response here.
  13. I checked source code and I don't see any conditional logic for displaying Mod Editor menu item. Still try installing any mod and then restart the game, maybe I am missing something and mod editor requires at least 1 mod already installed. Unless I am misunderstanding and you still had no Mod Editor menu item even when mods were available. Do you use Windows by the way?
  14. If you want another answer, provide a screenshot. Nobody has this issue so maybe you miss something.
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