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  1. I WISH I discovered this from the beginning. It made the game so much more immersive for me. I'm glued to the screen, on the tip of my chair.. at every turn now. Am I able to spot the target now... if not... let me hunker down again... or keep laying in the plain open... sigh. Line of Sight. Guys, it boosted my entire immersion experience. If you havent' turned it off yes, give it a serious try. Dont' imagine you may not like it. It brings back a ton of surprise elements. Especially when trying to get in reach to hit that rocketeer that is at severely wounded. Is it worth the risk, will you make it...? Go find out.
  2. Well, with this 'engine' they built or how to call it now that JA3 runs on, it's perfect for either a new map, set of mercs, or some serious other upgrades. I will insta-buy it undoubtedly.
  3. Hi gents. Just going through my 2nd playthrough now. I'm on v1.5, diff Impossible, some great settings activated, I'm totally loving it. Exploring the new U-bahn, Bobby Ray's, extra quests and overall it feels MUCH more polished. It's fantastic. I'm curious" what's planned next in development, something big still, like a v1.6? Reason I'm asking, I haven't seen this announced anywhere.
  4. Bleeding should happen more often, with normal ammo as well on a let's say 25% change compared to these specific bleeding causing hollow-ammo. And some de-buff effects that last 3-5-7 days after the wound is inflicted, so the 'heal over time' factor.
  5. DEV FEEDBACK; Something I haven't seen mentioned. My eyes keep searching for action points left on the left side of the screen, while all other UI things to look at are at the bottom. Would really be great if this ends up in bottom for UI. It's hard to notice maybe for people, but it's a big thing for me. Last sector enemy rush into us (already being worked on). Re-organise Sat View travel buttons. Cancel can be a right-click and a left-click. Confusing. Remove confirm after selecting a doctor in treat wounds. This is near 100% a click through. Becomes annoying. Option to treat few wounds only. If one has 5 I want to treat 3. Can we change overwatch fire mode to single shots? Saves me bullets. Speed up time in tactical and command view. Shop FN Fal, for example, at a marketplace; What am I buying, which mods? How to compare w other gun in store. Shop items from store or market. Turn this into a hold mouse button action instead of a click. Too much chance for mis click. We are conditions to click for free grab. Ability to rotate guard lights, or for simplicity, at least turn them off . Suggestion: Loot hyenas and crocodiles; hyena teeth skin and crocodile teeth skins. 1 deerhunting type of NPC near K10 who buys this. Gives money and also things like ceramic plates. Scrapping guns does now not tell you that a steel pipe or lense will be returned. Ability to scrap combat knives, Scope cookies (scrap or destroy) and ammo. Later on I personally don't use 9mm and .44 anymore. It clutters the inventory, and I cannot get rid of it. Drop items is not a solution. Ability to travel with two squads together, also possible on the fastest squad speed (determined by leader) Berry shaped charges creation. If cheaper charges already equipped in hand auto stack to here. C4 combine option is grayed out in combat. Do this same for weapon modify. Personally I prefer weapon mods on workbenches only, when crafting ammo etc. One click on character portrait is select character, but don’t move camera. Double click, move camera to where character is located. Sector clear. Wrap up machine gun + reloads (same ammunition only!) + standing positions. When do a "take all" action during looting, check to fit biggest item first. At times I have a 1x1 and 1x2 slot available, and a 1x1 and 1x2 item to pickup, and it picks up the 1x1 item in the 1x2 slot first, and then the 1x2 item can't be picked up. Squad management. A new option. Merge squads. You simply drag one squad icon into the other. Drag and drop change squad order,. Just like squad members can be changed, changed squad order. In my 1st playthrough, Guz was never accessible (retired) and only Reaper refused to work with me after a while. Those were my favourites. What actually does matter is that it was quite easy to play with the rest all-through. Having an event in the campaign or even a refusal to continue working, out of the blue, would really create some chaos. Once a few snipers start dropping, and there is at least one 85+ merc in the game, the tug of war is in my favour and statys like that; the game becomes easy. Some tweaks around Squad bag distribution; maybe if a squad doesn't have a shotgun with ammo type X, don't give them that ammo X. Include sector items sorting Ammo boxes have distinct coloring (red for armor penetration, light blue for hollow point ammo). It would be nice that when a gun is equipped with hollow point ammo, it shows a light blue dot. Bobby Ray needed. At one moment I was heavily out of tools, lockpick sets, and later the cutting tool. Drop-rates are perfect, assuming you keep the tools and don't scrap them. Suggestion: ability to send items via parcel service, to desired sector. In late/end-game the time to pick up rocket launchers for example is very costly and time-intensive.
  6. Barry is criminally underpriced, gents must be stupid to not hire him.
  7. Patch request to make some adjustments, minor though important. I never intended to see it as 'fixing a broken game', on the contrary. Devs responded to this in their latest live stream. Looking forward. Btw just finished a 1st playthrough on Hard Difficulty, 85.5 hrs.
  8. Heamimont + THQ Nordic; can we expect a patch release -about- every week? Not asking for a strict commitment here, but what is your planned release schedule, or is that even dependent on the content of what's being patched.
  9. MY PAST AND NEW STRATEGY: So far I've never used Melee attacks, no fist and no knife throwing and no knife stabbing. Mostly strategy of high markmanship, good snipers and gun mods geared towards aiming bonuses. Got a few great shooters, but it's not enough. Now need to implement machineguns and craft ammo for that. That's gonna be a big challenge. Also enemies show up in much larger numbers AND have much better ammo. . I'm stirred up, from massively dominating to barely surviving. Not even sure where to start cleaning up this mess... . But I LOVE it. Thought it would be a 65ish hour play-through but now seeing this it would be 100+ hrs at least.
  10. Yep, I'm getting hit hard. *WARNING: Spoiler image and text incoming: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I've lost my own created Merc, that sucks, he was training some militia. From peace to mayhem after 1 event. I thought I was almost through. I need A LOT of re-work, since I've explored bottom right area already almost completely. This is FANTASTIC. I'm up for it. I need A LOT of bullets. That's my worry. Then I need 2-3 machine guns PER squad, that's another challenge. Flying in some new merc, who are, and will be, for a while completely disconnected from the rest... It's madness. Like XCOM mothership attack.
  11. Gunpowder indeed extremely rare. I dismantle the pipe bombs. I use gunpowder now for 7.62 nato basic ammunition only. Also a way to save ammo; Guys with 7.62 ammo NOT on the overwatches, use other ammo types for that.
  12. I got one more mine to capture, and conquer the outposts, then also finish all the side quests, but I'm progressing well. So far very few stealth kills, and zero melee characters and kills. I'm all in on the accuracy bonuses (perks and weapon mods) and from high-ground bonuses, and then high marksmen. Slowly up-leveling the squad, getting a new one and firing an old one. Now recently working with 2 squads and attacking one sector. Saves me a lot of time (and money) on wound healing as well.
  13. Spending almost all my gun powder on crafting basic 7.62 AK47 ammo. I go equip some squad members with other guns I realize now. This ammo only for the snipers and skilled one-bullet hitters.
  14. Do mines expire on a parameter just after certain days, game dependencies, and also if the loyalty is double will they expire double as fast?
  15. I stored items in Ports. K9 or K10 port was a good location, since new recruits can arrive there. They are safe there. How I play it, if I have some new pro recruits coming in (naturally I get either elite/vets additionals OR I replace them), they pick up this more pro equipment, and bring it to squad when unite.
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