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  1. I agree with the decision. Though I feel it should have been presented quite a bit differently. Though it's probably way too late for a change... When you target an enemy for the shot, the game should go into first-person perspective, showing the highlighted target through the sights of the mercenary. You get a pretty good impression about the size of the target, which body parts can be hit, the sights will sway to show how capable is the merc of taking the shot. You won't get CtH, but you'll be presented with good enough impression of it graphically. You'll be working off the same information that a person would actually have in that situation.
  2. I'm Czech. It's not rude but...well, it's the internet. You rely on posters' honesty.
  3. And often they're not. An easy way to tell those apart is that they can reply to argument with their own argument of substance. His replies to me had none of it.
  4. Within two replies, I could plot all his replies in advance. Just a stereotypical Russian nationalist troll, product of the hundred years of propaganda that's been going on almost uninterrupted since Lenin. And notice that the moment I brought up actual experience of countries and people within them that had a taste of both systems, he had no argument.
  5. A word of advice here, guys. Don't feed the trolls. Exposure is what they crave, and since they can't argument with any facts, they'll just spew propaganda and insults to try to get you to cross the line. Ignore and report them.
  6. Yet another stereotypical behaviour, accusing others of things you do yourself. Typical for Russians. I'm not spending all my time here, y'know. Unlike you, apparently. By the way, re-read my post. You're dead wrong about the political and media situation in my country, and I wrote that already. And don't bother replying. You've become a first member of my ignore list here, congratulations.
  7. See how laden with propaganda misconceptions you are? You don't even know what country I'm talking about, you instantly jumped to conclusion that it's working on a two-party system without independent media. Here's a hint, neither is true about my country or vast majority of the "western" countries. The only place that comes close to it, but even then it maintain some media polarity and independence, is USA. You don't know anything about the world outside your own, messed up country, and it shows.
  8. And here it is. A triumph of a hundred years of propaganda, convincing people that every country, every government is just as bad as Russian one, that democracy doesn't work and west is just better at hiding it. Let me tell you one thing. My country has plenty of experience with both Russian (respectively Soviet) tyranny and actually being a free, democratic country allied to the "western" governments. My parents and grandparents lived through both and have had plenty of first-hand experience to compare, so it's not just "propaganda", but actual experience saying this: Russia is just messed up. Whether we're talking about personal freedoms, participation in governing the country or economic factors, those forty years being a Soviet proxy were hell compared to either interwar republic or post-Soviet times. Not every country is hell-bent on dominating others like Russia, not every country has so messed up pseudo-fascist political system and while in some "western" countries, democracy barely works...even at its lowest it's much better than being Russian satellite. Now to the topic at hand...I support Ukraine and I support the removal of Russian sportspeople from international competitions and other measures taken against Russian propaganda, but not things like this. Russia inherited and happily continues Soviet propaganda traditions, among which is considering international sports competitions primarily as a propaganda outlet where they can show dominance over other nations, rather than a fair competition between individuals or teams. This thinking led to creation of organized, state sponsored doping in Soviet Union, which Russia continues, as evidenced by quite recent, unprecedented penalties to Russia on the international scene. Since the war began, we've seen several cases where individual Russians used their time in the spotlight to support the Russian invasion. And I'm fully supportive of measures taken to remove the Russian propaganda. But this game isn't going to be that. It's taking place before the Russia began the hostilities in 2014, and no mercenary is affiliated with Putin's regime. There's no reason to take such measures.
  9. I wouldn't mind optional sci-fi mode, but not zombies or bugs. Bugs were in JA2 and zombies have been done to (un)death a myriad times. I'd prefer facing more solitary opponents with inhuman strengths and abilities. Something like Xenomorph or Predator...the kind that will have your mercs huddled together, afraid to go round the corner.
  10. Eh, I'm not sure how was the situation in the "west", but on the eastern side of former Iron Curtain, vast majority of games and software was pirated until at least early 2000's. In the heyday of piracy, it was easily over 90%.
  11. You can send Deidranna flowers, and be rewarded with amusing cutscene (involving obligatory Elliot slapping). I have not yet experimented with sending flowers to other NPCs.
  12. I'm curious, did you consider a "middle ground" of giving each merc two models, unarmoured and armoured one, not reflecting as much the actual gear used, but only whether the character is wearing decent armour or not while keeping their style? For example, Tex would have a light, sleeveless flak jacket worn over his shirt, but still retain hat, jeans, six-shooters and scarf, and that wouldn't change no matter what armour he's actually wearing. Fauda would get heavy mil-spec webbing with bunch of magazines, Ivan would sport professional body armour but keep his ushanka and so on.
  13. Buns' creepy giggle when she spots a rotten corpse. "Now you're just like your sex life: cold, dead and lying in the bed you made."
  14. So I went through the trailer again, looking for interesting snippets. Bolt-action rifles used by Grunty, Livewire and probably Buns look like Kar98k to me, although it's hard to tell from the image. Buns and Livewire look like they're using some kind of crudely made muzzle brake/suppressor made from a can. Weapon condition affects the accuracy, which is good. Ivan starts with ushanka instead of helmet as actual gear (not just picture). He's supposed to be pro, is it lined with kevlar? And is he attached to it like Nails to his jacket? Buns starts with Dragunov and what appears to be quite a solid gear. She should pack some more ammo though, like Ivan. There are overwatch style interrupts where you set up the merc's zone of control beforehand. Barry's shotgun looks like Browning Auto-5 or Winchester 1911. But I'm no expert.
  15. Nice catch. That's good...very good. BTW, Q seems to be having a bit more hair than I remember...
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