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  1. Aren't you a little bit overreacting? Most serious developer teams have someone taking care of social media and PR full time without having any say in the actual game design.
  2. My guess is he'd fly into a rage after seeing how JA2 treats the varieties of Eastern Bloc 7.62mm ammunition.
  3. Because they'd still be useful. Just not the same way. They could cover up the sound of shots in daylight in towns or so when the ambient sounds are loud to help attract less attention, while for night stealth ops you'd need either purpose-built weapons like VSS Vintorez, AS Val, De Lisle Carbiner and Welrod if there will be vintage weapons, or use .45 weapons with silencers, as .45 is one of few common subsonic cartridges and thus can be effectively silenced.
  4. Chance to hit already is in JA3, it was apparent in trailer. As for silencers, I hope they'll be done right. No Hollywood silent guns, that happens only with specifically designed weapons using subsonic ammunition. For most guns, silencers reduce noise by roughly 20-40% and modify the sound so it's not always instantly recognized as gunshot. Not nearly enough for actual silent operation, especially at night.
  5. Not just Bulgaria. All around the Eastern Bloc. You remember the one about seven wonders of socialism?
  6. A pet peeve of mine. Please, do not in any way repeat the mess you've made out of 7.62 WP ammo in JA2.
  7. Ouch. My condolences. As wise man once wrote, oral agreement isn't even worth the paper it isn't written on.
  8. Hicks again? Hiding in their supply shack and popping heads with interrupts was fun.
  9. The questionnaire should be optional IMO. It'll be fun a first few tries, but it'll quickly become boring and annoying.
  10. It should come at a price. Turning your vehicle into a technical should reduce the carrying capacity to 3, two in the cab and one in the back with a heavy weapon. Vehicles should also make stealth insertion impossible....no more driving to the gates of Alma with an ice cream truck in the middle of the night, then silently cutting through the fence.
  11. You could get 4.7mm and 5.7mm ammo from Tony. Nowhere else. Having mercs react to some specific weapons would be great touch. Maybe even few having some special interactions with them, for example Scope having higher rate of fire with SMLE (if both will be ingame) due to her training...but that might be a touch too much.
  12. I think you're not alone there. P90 has become a staple "modern" looking SMG in media thanks to the show.
  13. I'd love to see some vintage weaponry in game. It would actually be quite realistic...WWII vintage and even older weapons are still in use in all those minor (and major) scale wars in Africa and Middle East. SMLE, Mosin-Nagant, even heard about StG 44 still in use there...the possibilities are many.
  14. I was looking for things more tactical than RPG like that, since I played all of those...some long ago. And yes, that includes Icewind Dale series...
  15. If that's Vicky, she must have shaved her head and underwent a sex reassignment surgery between trailer and the poster. Anyway, why do you think that it'll be a reboot? So far, I've seen nothing suggesting that.
  16. Thanks, I'll definitely check some of those out.
  17. AFAIK yeah, Gus throws around some references to previous meetings, even mentions he was on Metavira for a while, employed by the other side.
  18. I've played JA series, XCOM (old and new), Xenonauts, Syndicate, Wasteland 2...what else is there? Toss a few suggestions...kinda itching to play something similar again.
  19. And since we don't have the edit function apparently....may I make a little request? Give us an option for thinner, less prominent projectile trails. Those in trailer are too much for my taste.
  20. It wouldn't be a JA if you didn't have some mercs trying to kill one another, complaining, snitching, making funny remarks about what's happening or praising one another.
  21. 1. Any idea about hardware requirements? I'm not that big gamer and I prefer old games, so I've got only an old laptop, JA3 is one of mere handful games within last 5 years that look interesting to me...for comparison, I can run Witcher 3 and XCOM 2 on low details, and that's about the limit. 2. AFAIK in the four "official" JA games (JA, DG, JA2, UB), the "commander" is the same person. Any chance we could continue that career, bringing our IMP merc from JA2/DG with us? 3. Just curious...the JA3 poster. Ivan, Buns, Tex and Fidel are clear, but the rest? Bottom one could be Buzz, top left...is that also a merc (perhaps Blood?) or is it a representation of the enemy?
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