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Valley of the Wolves Iraq

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I highly recommend to watch this Jagged Alliance like movie, it takes place in Iraq around mid 2000s. The devilish US troops making chaos all around under the command of Sam William Marshall (Billy Zane, many will know him from Titanic), William Marshall also has his own mercs who are protecting him. Then the Turkish agents (merc like) entering in there after the US troops raid a Turkish military outpost. The actors are also acting pretty well. The Ecuadorian merc with the mohawk is 1 of my favourites, his so psychopathic just like Fidel, perhaps even more.


Hope you enjoy it, Happy Easter btw...


You can watch the movie on YouTube for free, its on original language but you can select english subtitles.


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Посмотрел, согласен, вполне в духе Jagged Alliance )


I looked, I agree, quite in the spirit of Jagged Alliance (yandex translate)

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