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[BUG] Parts of the UI just... missing


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So, last night, when I was entering the Landbach area, I noticed that main parts of my UI are simply... missing. I can't see the Merc portraits on the left or the action bar at the bottom. I don't see the Command button on the lower right corner (sometimes it shows up, but if I click it, it just vanishes again). When I loot stuff, I don't see the pop up telling me I've salvaged X parts, or whatever. At first, I thought maybe I just hit a key to hide the UI, but if that's the case, I've been unable to find the key to bring it back. 


Anyone experience similar and maybe have any ideas to fix it? Some of the more recent older saves of mine have the same issue, but some of the more significantly older don't, so technically I guess I could just go back and re-do things, but have to say, the idea has rather taken the wind off my sails with the game. 


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