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How i can off cinematic camera(at rifles too)?


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1. Have you set the option "targeting action camera" to OFF?



2. If the option does not work:

Before you aim, move the camera view behind the enemy. I do not know if it always works.


Camera behind my merc --> aiming --> cinematic camera



Camera behind enemy -> aiming -> no cinematic camera


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I can aim, but if this shot execute enemy, cinematic camera turns on, and game off(by execute i mean HEAD BLOW UP or somthing like that, onetap u know, camera start zooming so that i can see BLOW UP and game crushed. and I DONT SEE BLOW UP 😞 )

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Yes, now I understand.

Maybe it is a problem with graphics. You can try this:

  1. Go to VIDEO settings.
  2. Change the first option to LOW.
  3. See if the problem still exists.
  4. If the problem does not exist anymore, you can try MEDIUM.



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