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BUG: Mouse offset on Steam Deck (with work around)


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I'm playing on Steam Deck with external monitor and mouse + keyboard.

I can't seem to click on the buttons in game. When I move the mouse pointer over a button it doesn't change to the "hand symbol". I have to place the mouse pointer just below the button to be able to click it. This happens in both, Steam Gaming Mode and Desktop Mode. Changing the Proton version didn't help.

Here are two work arounds that I've found:

1) Quit the game and restart the game until it works. Sometimes I had to do it multiple times. This isn't ideal as the next time I wanted to play I'd have to go through it again.

2) What fixed it reliably was switching the controller layout from the "Official JA3 Layout" to the standard template "Keyboard (WASD) and Mouse". I haven't had any issues since then. The game still controls the same as I'm using mouse and keyboard to begin with.


Has anyone else on Steam Deck had this problem?


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