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  1. Is there any cross save functionality for PlayStation that would allow a game started on PC to be continued on PS5? If yes, I’d consider buying the game again on PS5.
  2. I‘m using the official controller layout on the Steam Deck. However, I prefer to control the mouse pointer (I.e. on the map screen and inventory) with the touchpad instead of the stick. To do that I modify the layout and just add that the right touchpad works as a mouse. This worked great in the original release version 1.0. I could control the mouse with either the stick or the touchpad. However, since version 1.1 this doesn’t work any longer. Currently, in version 1.3 the following happens. First, the touchpad doesn’t do anything. After a few seconds delay the game seems to recognize it as a mouse and allows me to move the cursor BUT it also exits the controller mode completely and switches to mouse and keyboard controls (all the controller button overlays on the screen disappear). This automatic switching between controller mode and mouse and keyboard mode may be great when running the game on a desktop but it limits how I can configure the game on Steam deck. Devs, could you implement a toggle in the options to disable the automatic switching (I assume this would solve my issue)? Thanks so much!
  3. I just noticed that the Snype Text Log can be accessed on the map view when playing with controller. The button is invisible but still can be clicked on just below the bottom merc portrait (the mouse cursor changes to a hand symbol).
  4. I've been playing on Steam Deck with the official controller layout. One change i made was to have the right track pad work as mouse (in addition to the default left stick). This worked really well until today's 1.1 patch. The mouse pointer no longer moves properly using the track pad. It would be great if that could be fixed. I find the track pad much easier to use than the left stick. PS: How do I submit bugs on the steam deck (no "bug report" option in the menu)?
  5. Does anybody know how to access the „Snype Text Log“ when playing with controller? The Snype button is usually shown below the merc portraits on the left of the screen when playing with mouse and keyboard, but is missing when playing with controller.
  6. I agree. However, that would add a bit of micro managing. Some consider it fun, some don’t. I’m ok either way…
  7. In general, I prefer it when the equipment is shown on the character model, but I understand why the devs chose not to do it and I’m perfectly ok with that. However, it would be nice to have the option. If we could also customize the colour of the pieces, then you could pick a colour scheme for each merc and still tell them apart easily even if they all look the same.
  8. I don’t think it makes any difference who you use to salvage parts (or gather herbs).
  9. No, I have only posted about it on this forum. As I wrote in a different post, I don’t have a “Report Bug” option in the game menu (I’m playing on Steam Deck). Not sure if that’s another bug.
  10. Both of my playthroughs have individual names. Unfortunately that doesn't solve it.
  11. I've read on the Steam forums that there is a way to report bugs in game: While In-game press Escape and click the bug report button. Pressing CTRL + F1 can also be used to open the bug report window. However, both of these methods don't work for me. There is no bug report button in the menu when I press ESC and pressing CTRL + F1 does nothing. I bought the game on Steam and I'm playing on Steam Deck with external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. What am I missing / doing wrong?
  12. Currently, I have two playthroughs going at the same time. I noticed that the autosave and quicksave files from one playthrough are disappearing as I play the other playthrough. It seems that only one quicksave / autosave at sector enter / autosave at combat start / autosave at turn 1, etc. can exist at a time. I wonder if this is a bug, as I almost erased one of my palythroughs that way. Luckily I had a manual save file. I would like that each playthrough has its own persistent autosave and quicksave files that are not affected by other playthroughs.
  13. I'm playing on Steam Deck with external monitor and mouse + keyboard. I can't seem to click on the buttons in game. When I move the mouse pointer over a button it doesn't change to the "hand symbol". I have to place the mouse pointer just below the button to be able to click it. This happens in both, Steam Gaming Mode and Desktop Mode. Changing the Proton version didn't help. Here are two work arounds that I've found: 1) Quit the game and restart the game until it works. Sometimes I had to do it multiple times. This isn't ideal as the next time I wanted to play I'd have to go through it again. 2) What fixed it reliably was switching the controller layout from the "Official JA3 Layout" to the standard template "Keyboard (WASD) and Mouse". I haven't had any issues since then. The game still controls the same as I'm using mouse and keyboard to begin with. Has anyone else on Steam Deck had this problem?
  14. Cool, that's exactly what I was looking for. I didn't think bout trying it through the sector inventory. I always tried to drag and drop the merc between two others and that doesn't work. Being able to swap them helps. Yes, that does the trick 🙂 Thanks guys for the tips. That helps a lot!!!
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