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In JA1 DG, I really liked the feature that you could play multiplayer versus a human player. This feature actually excites me much more than a co-op mode, because there is a competitive element involved. Also, you play against a human with unique tactics rather than a (predictable) AI.


Both players assembled their squads, purchased arms from a dealer (Micky) and then went against each other head to head. When you tried to acquire the same mercs and items, you had to engage in an auction "war" to secure your acquisition. There were lots of different strategies and considerations going into composing your ideal team and resources. Do you choose a small team with killer MERCS and lesser equipment, or do you choose a larger team of less able MERCS with better equipment? 


During combat, you could let your mercs cissue funny and unique insults to your opponent. This was truly unique and fun. I will always recall Scully shouting:

"You can't hide forever man.... Sooner or later you will need food... And water"


I hope that the devs can bring this Multiplayer versus mode back. I would really enjoy playing locally / via internet in a competitive match against fellow commanders. Besides the fun factor, it will also really help with the longevity of the game.

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