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AI during late game seems to be braindead


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Most AI fight are brain dead. I killed Jackhammer through window moving forward and backwards he just doesnt move. When they move they run directly into your overwatch/mg gunner arches. To compensate for poor design choices we have to deal with half-*ssed implemented mechanics which makes no sense

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With all this recent talk of AI in the real world making sudden advances, I am hoping that the next big thing in games is improvement to AI opponents. Almost always, the primary focus is on graphics. That is what sells a game because it is immediately apparent to the viewer. How many games though have you enjoyed but just accepted the AI's flaws (especially if it gains you a quick kill) or been frustrated by blatant AI cheating?

I would love to see significant advances in both friendly AI and opponent AI. Something that dynamically reacts to your tactics and strategy. If you keep winning with one method, it adapts. Instead of just being rushed, Tyranid-style by enemies who are blissfully ignorant of your sniper kill box, I would like to see, after the first casualties, an immediate change where they might hide and make greater use of cover.

If you rush them, they should develop a counter. There should be counter-flanking as well, instead of having a rigid enemy that just lets you flank them (some games like Brothers In Arms turned flanking into a central feature, so much so that it actually came across as being deliberately expected).

Friendly AI should know when to take cover and not to jump into your line of fire, blocking your shooting with their fat, stupid head and back. Escort missions should be smarter so the stupid, arrogant and ignorant VIP doesn't insist on going for a leisurely stroll despite the oncoming squad of cyborgs with rocket launchers and swords. How about they instead actually take cover or wait for you to eliminate the bad guys?

I want to see the end of rubber-banding in racing games or the removal of AI police cars that can teleport in, move in all directions without being affected by inertia or somehow overtake your Bugatti Veyron that is going max speed and with nitrous oxide activated, even though the police car is some 4x4 SUV.

I want to see the end of input reading in fighting games, where the AI opponent can instantly block or dodge your attack, or can instantly carry out a combo attack while you have to memorise the precise 8-move combination. I want to see the end of those fights where despite you just giving them a round house kick to the head, they somehow ignore your attack and themselves attack at the same time, overriding your own attack.

I want to see the end of AI cheating in games where they can see you while you can't see them, or their weapons can hit you regardless of what you are doing. I want to see the end of five grenades all expertly thrown at the same time and bouncing off your head. I want to see their weapons doing the same damage as yours, not getting some special bonus.

I want to see the end of being spotted when you should be hidden and then being instantly killed with one bullet. Or, them having ultra fast reactions that are clearly inhuman.

I don't want to see anymore enemies spawning into rooms that you have just cleared and that have no other entry points. If the room is empty, don't then just wait until you have turned round and then spawn some enemy in behind you who gets a free attack because you were quite rightly not expecting it.

Finally, I want to see the end of AI that gets starting bonuses in strategy games and builds and moves faster than you can.


I can name multiple games from that list that have annoyed me with their AI and spoilt what was otherwise a fun game. Therefore, like I said, I want AI to make a great leap in games, even if it sounds like I am expecting too much. Instead of it just being a risk to human jobs or civilisation itself, or to quickly create artwork which frustrates genuine artists of lesser and greater skill, let's see it create truly inventive but logical opponents that play by all the same rules you have to.

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