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  1. In sector map your only option is using sector stash if you want to give someone all of some supplies, otherwise for partial supplies two squads should be on the same sector, then you need to manually enter the map, then click on supplies and select split-give option and choose the other squad. Dunno why they made it complicated like this, probably because of inventory interface was designed for consoles.
  2. Grizzly can ask for a raise randomly if you have more foreign mercs than Americans
  3. Early game FAMAS doesnt have ammo drop or supply. And no you dont, aim bonus difference is 2 and you are assuming too much. Red dot doesnt give crit right away since it applies marked on aim 3+, which makes every two shot crit. AK47 with prisim gives that chance for first shot. Second shot is guarantee crit regardless of first
  4. Because devs didnt implement any kind of economy or balance to this game.
  5. AK47 has cheaper auto fire(11 AP), AK47 does 2 more damage per bullet FAMAS has 12 auto fire (12 AP), FAMAS doesnt Regarding AK74, it is chambered to 5.45x39, in this game it isnt. IRL tests show AK47 has better penetration, AK74 better handling and accuracy.
  6. i have been talking about this since day 1. Game starts very pleasant fine experience and over time, due to bad design choices it gets worse.I feel like they stopped developing the game after Savannah/Fleatown area. Final nail came from plot. You literally need to do certain things, recruit certain characters to get best ending and all of this you need to do before timed events hit. NPCs are written very badly(why in the hell Jackhammer and Slavemaster are same characters?). I will probably play some more before i shelf this game until big over-haul patch(which i doubt will happen)
  7. Biff also provides a piece of evidence and literally drops entire plot on you early game
  8. Btw, playing solo will lock you out from best ending
  9. My exact sentiment. Instead of Silent Storm, my feelings are cross between Commandos 2(not bad) and Wasteland 3(garbage)
  10. LOL, LMAO even. You are right about AUG though with barrel mod it can out-range sniper rifles
  11. my shotgun abuser merc(Barry atm) sometimes misses point blank shots. So i sink few AP to aim to not reload my save game.
  12. Apparently thinking is extremely tedious for you, because we are talking about assault rifles, which have similar OR SAME range values. But please present us this miracle assault rifle with 2 range and 101 damage.
  13. no thank you, because discussion is about potential damage, regardless of skill to connect shots, which means we take connected shot damage, disregarding chance to hit. Hence weapon mods, in that regard are only effected by muzzle and stock mods....So assualt rfiles have same damage potential, meaning upgraded FN-FAL will still have higher damage than upgraded FAMAS not that hard if you think about it.
  14. and it is related to damage how? it effects damage how? damage modifiers are stock and muzzle lol
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