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  1. I don't like her at all. Only upside is the rifle she starts with. Her attitude is completely bonkers, I mean did I hire a child or what? Her voice drives me nuts, as do her lines. I only ever take her to train / repair, away from front lines so I don'T have to listen to her ðŸĪŽ
  2. dude,to be blunt, I get the impression you don't need a patch you need a different game 😉
  3. thanks for the explanation, I did not watch the stream. Wasn't aware explosive skill gives damage bonus. Nice 🙂 Maybe time for an pure explosive IMP run 😄 lol what did you expect? Both changes you mention impact the game quite extensively, need to be tested etc. Just because you want it doesn't automatically make it important 😛
  4. thanks for posting. looks good 🙂 what's this? I don't understand what the issue is/was. My grenades never did double damage...🧐
  5. tried it again... no luck. Again stealh kill failed, and then you get full auto'd, and slowed, which reduces the move range to 3 hexes or so... so w/o luck doesn't seem to be really feasible. And by feasible I mean it is possible most of the time... it's like they say: "don't bring a knife to a gunfight..."
  6. I am aware that downed enemies can be killed. And it is quite hard to do something about it if it is the enemies turn and your guy gets shot down, and then the enemy knife wielder decides to move up and knife the downed guy into Valhalla...
  7. I had similar experiences. I always had one "shotgun guy". Very handy with the "move after shooting" perk. Personally I used a modded Auto-5, you can get the range almost to assault rifle levels, which is very hand. And those 4 AP shots really do a number on enemies with all the effects 🙂
  8. I just tried this, failed already in the Rust. Commando difficulty. Tried to sneak kill first guy, but failed, then you have like 6 guys rushing you, and with full auto, and leg shots, and everything, no chance. No way to retreat or attack someone. Maybe I should try other starting perks, I usually take the one for improved melee and the melee interrupt attacks.
  9. Steyr AUG absolute laser gun, I just love it. but I am biased I am from Austria 😄
  10. that is really a great feature. Kudos to the person who wanted to include it like this in the game... There's 5 enemies with guns left standing, but hey I choose to knife the guy already half dead on the floor, and kill him proper, he might get up again... fucking ass design choise, but well done in pissing a player off....
  11. very hard to believe for me. I mean I don't know what difficulty you are playing, but especially the melee enemies that do like 60 damage, how can you possibly survive two of those when they get close? Grit wise if you get 3 attacks with your starting AP, thats 45 grit from the one skill, and with 3 attacks you usually don't even kill an average enemy (like marauder). So if two of them are attacking you, you are basically toast...
  12. Biff, who is Biff? ðŸĪŠ someone cried for help on the radio, but I wasn't able to make it on time 🙄
  13. Hi all, just finished the game, in the beginning I did everything thouroughly, but after the incident at the refugee camp it was just too much and I wanted to end it as quickly as possible. First half of the game was good fun, second half was just too repeteitive and too much of the same old. Didn't even go to the SE part of the map. I have some story questions for others who finished the game: 1) when I attacked the army colonel (Faucheux?), I kind of killed him. I dropped grenades on his head and suddenly he was gone. From the dialogue it seemed to me that he somehow got away. Did someone capture the guy, if so how? Does someone know if he can be found again if he escapes? I did not have a hint where to look. 2) In the eqilogue it was said that I am responsible for the war crimes - so I guess I did not find enough evidence to the contrary. I got evidence from the colonel, from the major, from the hermit, and from Corazon. Are there any more clues? 3) were you able to kill Corazon? My only option was to let her walk. Usually I let people walk because I do not believe in senseless killing, but I was planning on making an exception here ... thanks
  14. Hello, can we please do away with RPGs firing across the map w/o problems? And while we are at it, can we please do away with mortars shooting exactly at the spot where one of my squat just went down? I'd really like to be able to try and save them, without "magic mortar" making pinpoint attacks.... EDIT: and why the hell can I not give a Metaviron (or whatever it is called) injection to the downed guy? I can self medicate but I cannot inject someone else? 21st century trauma medicine or what? ðŸĪŽ thanks
  15. nope. just a simple rifle shot on one of the Abuser guys. No one else was hit.
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