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Long time JA1-2-1.13 player.


They did it right.   All the pieces are here for us to make this into the ultimate JA.   Like Roguetech and Battletech, the inventory, map and character system and dialog is all ready to be modded.   Like Battletech, they got out the main frame in a great game to boot.   Notice how the gun overlay doesn't have much information, but there is a box to put information.   They made it for modders.   My plan is to play through, and then if I can handle myself, wait about 4 months for the major overhaul mod.   Maybe it will be a year.   But the gift that JA has given us an tight gameplay overlay with easily modded components.   Notice all the almost flushed out pieces that are just asking for your input.   Inventory, combat, enemies... And maybe even advanced ai coding...  They made a fantastic opening gambit.   It's in our (you geniuses) hands now.   Thank you Ian and team for figuring out that caring about my mercs and their personality was always JAs special thing.   Never cared once about my emotionless XCOM guys.

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Gave you a Like, since I mostly agree with you, but I still have one thing to say regarding...

23 minutes ago, CKboques said:

Never cared once about my emotionless XCOM guys.

Well, I did care about them. They had their biographies, their stories, origins and languages, fought some very memorable battles for me and accompanied me through more than just one campaign, thanks to the character saving feature. So yeah, I did and still do care about them.

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