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Creating mods for JA3. Technical requirements, tools and much more.


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Hello everyone, my name is Demosfen and in the past I was the creator of a global modification for Stalker with new locations, weapons, etc., but now I am very actively studying 3d modeling, but my love for modding has not gone away, and I am a big fan of "JA2", and I really liked "JA3" and I would like to make some modifications for this game, add new weapons, armor, maybe even some environment objects, but for this I need a technical document information from the developers themselves in order to know what polygon budget should be for a model of weapons, armor, etc., as well as what textiles were used for textures.
Besides that, I can also make a 3d model of a person's appearance and add you as a Unique Mercenary, I already do this for Stalker, and I want to do the same for JA3.
I am attaching examples of Unique Characters with the appearance of fans of my mod, the appearance of which I modeled and added to Stalker to prove to you that I have the skills.


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I am waiting for the devs to release their moddingtools and later expand it's possibilities

I am sure this will change the field significantly. 


But its cool if u already start working on models and stuff and then once the tools release are able to quickly import them

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Modding tools are essential for this game. It will be great if everything can be moded. In current state the game is not bad, but it is shallow in terms of tactical possibilities, etc. Modding is good way for hardcore fans to make from this - game which they want.  So everyone who know modding can mod this game to his own preferences. I hope that developers see the potential of the game if the community could modify the game to big extent, not some minor changes.

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