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I keep getting this annoying freeze and crash!!!


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I have been having this annoying crash for days... the game just freezes and then I have to choose 'wait or shut' for unknown reasons, this could happen anytime whether in combat, looting, modifying weapons even when I was trying to save the progress..

I do use a few mods, all popular ones, below is the mod list:



Contact Smugglers

Show XP and Level
'Tony's Blackmarket' Trade Mod
Increased Damage Automatic Fire
IMP Ghost Recon
Merc Inventory Size
Show Chance To Hit

Crafting items to Squad Bag

that's all.. most of them are pre-set character portraits and models and I have been asking people through workshop comments about whether they have such problem... so far the answer is no... and many people use many more (like 50+) mods than I have including all the mods above and they dont seem to have this freeze and crash at all...

Ive tried to unsubscribe all mods and tried reload them one by one, still no luck.

Ive also tried to verify game integrity twice... it didnt work...

Does anyone know what to do about it? This is really frustrating...


Today I tried all I could, wiped the entirety of the game off hard drive, cleared registry, deleted all mods manually even in the local roaming file.. I still am getting freeze and crash... this is frustrating.. Devs can help??

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6 minutes ago, marcinl0 said:

-> send report file to devs

Man, I don’t even see a crash reporter popping up… the game just literally freeze at random occasions and if I click mouse when it freezes it will give me a white screen and a  dialog box with only 2 options to choose between “wait” or “shut off the program”…


How am I supposed to report this..? 

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I have been trying to contact devs on steam forums for days… I don’t know whether it’s because my ID doesn’t look too friendly or for some unknown reasons… I saw devs reply other posts the time I quote their reply and mentioned my problem.., they just keep ignoring me, maybe they think their game won’t crash and I’m just joking around about this? 

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