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Nationalities of mercs? Czech republic merc? DARK HUMOR trauma to silly and naive characters lol


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In Czech republic this game is like a whole genre of this kind... honestly I think Czechs deserve own merc in the game, also there should be more mercs/random hireable mercs on map. Map should be bigger also. Otherwise looks good so far.. needs to be deep like JA2 AND WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT THERE SHOULD BE GORE DARK AND FUCCD UP SITUATIONS IN THE GAME... DISMEMBERMENT, HEAD SHOT BRAINS OUT. Dark jokes and overall DARK HUMOR IS IN PLACE... DARK HUMOR makes the quirky and funny characters more interesting and bareable because the world around them is hard and disgusting... or if there is a merc that is NAIVE and inocent he should be scared and frightned, trumatized almost by his her first kill... that would be epic... gl devs

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