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AMMO or too much of it rather.. MORE enemies, more enemy attack groups


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I think if you are gonna play the hardest dificulty like me.. THERE SHOULD really be such few ammunition that you will need to improvise, scavenge, make it yourself, safe, dont shoot like a mad man, plan every shot... THAT is my vision for the hardest dificulties and it shoul scale.. the harder the dificulty the fewer ammo there is... more enemies and many enemy battalions spawning and attacking regulary and infinetly until you cut of their road, capture their spawn base and so on... I KNOW I am a mad man and I need the hardest dificulty to be ALMOST impossible to win. I mean the darksouls level dificulty. 😄 but yeah for the begginers there should be easier... I am talking just about the hardest dif. 😄 

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@Martin I never played JA in the hardest difficulties, but like you I liked this ammo management. It had an influence on you tactics, especially at the beginning. With sleep and healing management it was giving the feeling of "campaign stress".

They officially want to distinguish JA from X-Com but little by little remove all the differences. Strange.

Someway, firefight was not 100% of JA, it's why I liked it most.

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