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Forgotten But Unbroken


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I only discovered this game WWII turn-based squad game after @Hendrix posted about it in another thread. That was a few months ago. I assumed that it would be coming to PC via Steam as and when it was ready, and that would be that.

I was recently looking through Kickstarter, checking out other projects, when I saw Forgotten But Unbroken on the website. I never knew that it was being pledged via Kickstarter but apparently that is what the developers are doing.

Sadly, the current amount of funds raised isn't that high and there are only a few days left before the kickstarter ends. I am guessing that not many people knew of it being on Kickstarter (like myself), as opposed to not actually being interested in the game. The developers say that the game will get finished regardless but it won't match their original vision, namely with the storyline, cut scenes and voice acting. They also said that getting a publisher will see the publisher themselves taking a 90% slice of the profits.

I have made a pledge myself, for the game as a digital download, which isn't more than any other game's release price. It might be too late to make a difference but I wanted to try and show support anyway. Turn-based squad games are fairly rare and those set in the real world, either modern day or in history, are rarer still. The developers quote Silent Storm being as one of their inspirations and even that game couldn't resist sci-fi additions (notably towards the late game with the Panzerklein ('armoured suits')).

If anybody is interested, they can visit here:


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1129448425/forgotten-but-unbroken?ref=discovery&term=Forgotten but unbroken

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