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Modding Mercenaries Questions


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Hey all. I'm trying to mod some of the mercenaries in my game. I think I've figured most of it out, but there's two slightly strange things that happen and I wonder if anyone knows why.

The first thing. When I'm modding mercs, items, perks, etc, I place my newly changed thing back in to the correct GROUP and it always seems to work perfectly, except in the case of mercenaries... When I place those in their correct group, it creates a double portrait in AIM.




The second portrait doesn't seem to break anything, and I can still only hire one Scully. I can even get rid of the second picture by placing the new changes in to the DEFAULT group instead of the MercenariesOld group, but then that creates a slightly different bug. It makes it so you no longer hear their voice during the Snype conversation, they type instead...


But that's not a big deal at all, I'm just curious why it happens.

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Unfortunately we can't edit or add voices with the editor we have right now which is something we will be able to do after the first part of the mod tools got released.

It is far easier to create a new merc and add them to the roster (AIM website) then modify one in game one in such a way right now.

So I guess the system just makes a copy of the main character with your additions/changes, saves them into a new folder and since the voice files are not included it either uses a generic file like the imp_male one or none untill you select it for the character while editing.

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