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Walk mode not working for me


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Hi folks,

with the newest update there was the "walk-mode" introduced. CTRL+SHIFT+Click should it be but when I press and hold the keys, the click does nothing. I briefly looked into the keybinds via options if I can change it but there seems to be now entry.

You guys have an idea? I haven't tried a new game yet (want to finish the current, 1st campaign)

Kind regards

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3 hours ago, Hyperlord said:

You guys have an idea?


Have you switched the exploration movement mouse buttons? By default, mercs move following a right mouse button click, but it can be changed to left click. When movement is initiated by right-clicking (default), then Ctrl+Shift+RightClick lets my mercs walk. If the setting has been changed to right, Ctrl+Shift+LeftClick does nothing.

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Indeed, I switched it! And I looked for the setting to change it - AWOL


Someone at the steam forums mentioned that and provided a workaround (Start new game, there is the option to change it, change it, land on the island, quit, load savegame, is switched there now, too) that I'm about to try this afternoon and report back.

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Walking should have been in the game from the beginning. It looks a bit silly when your mercs are running everywhere, especially when a sector is cleared and civilians are walking around.

I am happy to see that walking is now included but it seems cumbersome to need to press that combination of keys to do it. Not only that but if you change your movement method to left-click only (instead of it alternating, depending on battle mode or not), it is bugged so it won't work.

Wouldn't it be more intelligent to have walking automatically be active for short distances in non-combat tactical movement? Then, for farther distances around that sector, running is either automatically activated or you can double left-click to make your mercs run?

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I suggest to make a toggle for "walking" and integrate it in the UI/Bottom Bar. When every merc should walk, select them all, press the button, they walk until toggled to "run" again. Maybe that's overkill from Devevloper's side (creating two icons for the state of the toggle, expanding the bar, do the coding for the toggle, testing) but maybe some talented modders pick up the idea.

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