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Saved game will not load properly now -- cannot play the game anymore


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My Steam Jagged Alliance started with this problem in early October after a patch. Before that patch I was playing using the Show Chance to Hit and Evermine mods and the game worked fine.

When I tried to load on October 10 after a patch, there was an error message that said those mods were outdated. I unsubscribed from both those mods in the Steam Workshop. But when I tried to load a game it still said “Warning. Cannot load the game. The following mods are missing or outdated: Show Chance to Hit”. The options for me then are “Load anyway” or “Cancel”. If I choose Cancel the load attempt, it then said “LOAD FAILED. Could not load “H3_Underground_ExitGame”.”  Note that the game itself under Mod Manager now says 0 mods and 0 mods enabled (now that I have unsubscribed from them).

I was referred to this Steam support page:
However, I have tried as that help page suggests to restart, clear, move, repair, verify and even uninstalled and re-installed the game, but the problem continues.

Unfortunately, patches 1.2, 1.21 and 1.3 haven’t solved this problem.

Just now I tried again to load a saved game but got the error message “This savegame was loaded in the past with ignored errors. It may not function properly”.  I click Cancel the load.  Then message is “Could not load “6”.” where 6 was savegame name. If I click to Continue anyway instead of Cancel, there is the error message "Cannot load the game.  The following mods are missing or outdated: ShowChanceToHit".  If I click on load anyway, it does proceed into the game, but I fear to continue the game with this problem unresolved.  See attached screenshots for error messages.


What can I do?



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Show Change to Hit is a cosmetic mod and does not change any critical game systems or data. You can safely continue without it, what you are seeing is the default warning message to make you aware that a mod that was added to this game is no longer active.

You should be able to reinstall that mod and keep playing with it.

Your issue is with the save file itself, not the game files. From what I gather you should be safe to continue onwards.

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To be honest, although the advice above was that I could keep playing even with the error message, my feeling is that I am uncomfortable playing a long campaign game carrying an ongoing error message.  Therefore, I have stopped playing this game. There are other games I can play that don't confront me with an ongoing error message.  As I am unable to eliminate the error message on my own, I urge the developers to fix this issue.  If this issue is fixed, I would be happy to resume playing this game.  

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You can simply start a new campaign without that mod if it bothers you so much. The only "fix" that is needed here is for the ShowChance to Hit mod to be updated for the current game version to remove the compatibility warning message.
It is simply a warning message to let you know that the mod might be out of date (which it is). If the mod is working as intended, there is nothing wrong with your savegame. Even better if the mod is removed from your game.

That message is there for a reason, especially with so many other mods that are now being made and used by the players. I would still advise to resubscribe to the mod(s) that show as missing and give it a try - it seems both should be working, you will just receive that warning message.


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Appreciate your reply and suggestion, Melliores.

I subscribed to the missing mod, ShowChance to Hit, and activated it under mod manager.

I hate this to seem like I am pest, but now I get the error message "This savegame was loaded in the past with ignored errors.  It may not function properly".  

It looks like my options are 1) live with this ongoing error message (which I am uncomfortable with), 2) start over and lose the campaign gameplay hours that I had (which is not a pleasing thought at the moment), or 3) give up on my situation with this game.  

I'll give you an honest answer.  I'll give up on now, I'm feeling a bit frustrated, I've never had this much trouble with a game before, but maybe several months later there will be some patches with interesting features that will re-ignite my interest and by then I'll have forgotten enough about gameplay mechanics that if I were to resume then restarting would be a good idea.

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