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Devs, please fix mouse on Steam Deck


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I‘m using the official controller layout on the Steam Deck. However, I prefer to control the mouse pointer (I.e. on the map screen and inventory) with the touchpad instead of the stick. To do that I modify the layout and just add that the right touchpad works as a mouse. This worked great in the original release version 1.0. I could control the mouse with either the stick or the touchpad. 

However, since version 1.1 this doesn’t work any longer. 

Currently, in version 1.3 the following happens. First, the touchpad doesn’t do anything. After a few seconds delay the game seems to recognize it as a mouse and allows me to move the cursor BUT it also exits the controller mode completely and switches to mouse and keyboard controls (all the controller button overlays on the screen disappear).

This automatic switching between controller mode and mouse and keyboard mode may be great when running the game on a desktop but it limits how I can configure the game on Steam deck. Devs, could you implement a toggle in the options to disable the automatic switching (I assume this would solve my issue)?

Thanks so much!





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