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Help the production team, let's talk about the JA2 advantages


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Advantages of ja2 and ja2 mod ;throw away a brick in order to get a gem

You can buy guns, ammunition and equipment online(in the game)
You can create your own characters online(in the game)
The scene can be destroyed at will
Night warfare stealth system
Powerful RPG function
There are many kinds of weapons, from World War II to modern war
Rich role background relationship
Component own militia
Helicopter, Hummer, ice cream truck, and other vehicles
A large number of ammunition types
There are no strange magic skills or special skills.
Real painting style, dusty and bloody killing effect
Addictive gear adjustments
Every time you kill an enemy, his or her equipment will fall completely. Can be captured by players
You can quickly interrupt the turn.
Extremely high degree of freedom
The plot is simple and interesting

At last ja not xcom

Welcome to add and help the production team together

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1) Don't do it like most modern tactical games, keep to the original version: each player has action points (15+, depends on chars stats like agility and such) and can spend them as you like, do not adhere to nowadays stupid 2 steps system, where shooting at the first step ends the turn, or one move and one shoot. Its simply ruining everything. This 2step idea reminds me of devs who never played, never enjoyed original tactical games.

2) Loot them all system. You kill, u gain all the items (armor, grenades, weapons, ammo, ...) (not like original JA) but like original XCOM in 90x. I think its a way better system. Armor / weapons can be damaged. And add sellers to villages/towns. Number of pockets should be limited, a team can be on wheels however with a real trunk, so a need to decide what to drop and what to keep becomes apparent. Different vehicles should have different trunk capacity. Make it real !

3) Random encounters is key feature. You traverse through the map, and can encounter different people, some may join your team for free, others for money, some places can be discovered only when a team has specific people, like abandoned secret military base randomly spread on the map with local thugs in it, or some laboratories with some experimental items.  And so, no limits here, I mean no need to add an alien ship, its not a fallout series after all, but the idea is clear I hope.

4) Keep a crafting elements as the original games had, its a really nice touch.

5) If devs would listen there is much more to come 🙂


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- The inventory can be picked up from a map screen. Once a combat is finished all (accessible) items become visible automatically and can be picked up easily.

- There are alternatives to fight your way through the forces: Use explosives for simple entrance. Be stealthy to be attack enemies one by one. Create distractions to lure oppnents away. Use mines to create traps. Also I am back fan of the disguise / spy feature in 1.13.

- Weapons types give you an actual choices. Quick shooting required? Take a SMG. More range? Take the assault rifle. More range? Take the sniper rifle. But they are really heavy. There is no best weapon, but instead weapons have advantages and disadvantages.

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