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  1. Another bug: leveled up strength to one char to +10 with 10 books read. No new slot opened. Sad. A feature missing: no active machines such as cars, tanks, etc. We got these in JA2. You can make JA really gr8. Thank you!
  2. Hello human, Sorry to be off topic and honestly its not my business, but I wouldn't recommend 2 buy a laptop at all, unless you play outdoors and in need of a mobile station. If u wanna enjoy decent gaming experience, this way or another u will end up with a bigger screen, an external mouse and keyboard, a joystick or another controller of your choice. As every laptop includes usually poor keyboard, mouse and a small screen, the only thing that the manufacturer wants from us is to pay twice. And I don't see a reason to pay twice for a screen, mouse and keyboard. A laptop with bigger screen becomes hefty and not as mobile as we like it to be. Moreover what happens when some1 wants to switch a monitor ? In a PC its just switching the monitor (just check the video output is still suitable) while for a laptop the whole box goes to garbage, not cool man, not cool. Moreover, graphic cards and CPU's in laptops are weaker to a larger extent than the options we have for a PC. The number of discs and memory cards has its physical limits (not much slots available in laptop) and usually laptop parts are more expensive and give you less freedom of choice to combine. The only usual drawback in building a PC is it comes without wi-fi and without blue-tooth by default, unless you choose extension cards or very specific motherboards. Mind the gap here, as even when a PC has a blue tooth connectivity some blue tooth headsets will not work with it. A strong laptop is not cheap and usually laptops nowadays are not much stronger than a decent mobile phones. So I assume u already have a phone as a mobile device, why to buy another one... Just because some game devs do not know to develop a game for a phone ? so we should pay money for multiple devices, well that's a bad joke if u ask me. And do not expect that a windows laptop would last for 10 years. I believe after 5 years most of the windows laptop users find themselves at the moment they want to change it for something else. Just another point of view, nothing more and sorry for being rude and away from the subject.
  3. bhaa

    April Fools'?

    And how do you know its a lie ?
  4. Well if ya been looking for some tactical step by step combat + RPG elements, there are more to this: First try out old 90x classics like fallout 1 and 2, both are legendary games in such genre. And if you liked first XCOM from the 90x, there is a 90% chance you will fall in love to these either. Don't try fallout 3 and 4 however, as they are just like modded elder scrolls series replica transformed to fallout theme. Then we have "Arcanum: Of steamworks and magick obscura". Just another 90x game but quite nice. And some newer ideas, such as: - Mutant Year 0, road to eden and its DLC. Nice graphics, step by step combat, nice skills, boring level based map. - RAM Pressure. Just another XCOM style game with single player campaign and some online features. - XCOM chimera squad. Yet another XCOM limited version in the city with very limited missions to choose from. - Expeditions: Viking. Very buggy, even so many years after release. - Shadowrun series has at least 3 games: Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall and HongKong. Many bugs, but a fine alternative idea. - Russian versions of fallout games, such as A.T.O.M and Trudograd. - Darkest Dungeon 1 and 2 are quite another stroy, but still it is step by step combat, yet in very specific perspective, check them on youtube gameplay before you buy. Good luck and have fun !
  5. 1) Don't do it like most modern tactical games, keep to the original version: each player has action points (15+, depends on chars stats like agility and such) and can spend them as you like, do not adhere to nowadays stupid 2 steps system, where shooting at the first step ends the turn, or one move and one shoot. Its simply ruining everything. This 2step idea reminds me of devs who never played, never enjoyed original tactical games. 2) Loot them all system. You kill, u gain all the items (armor, grenades, weapons, ammo, ...) (not like original JA) but like original XCOM in 90x. I think its a way better system. Armor / weapons can be damaged. And add sellers to villages/towns. Number of pockets should be limited, a team can be on wheels however with a real trunk, so a need to decide what to drop and what to keep becomes apparent. Different vehicles should have different trunk capacity. Make it real ! 3) Random encounters is key feature. You traverse through the map, and can encounter different people, some may join your team for free, others for money, some places can be discovered only when a team has specific people, like abandoned secret military base randomly spread on the map with local thugs in it, or some laboratories with some experimental items. And so, no limits here, I mean no need to add an alien ship, its not a fallout series after all, but the idea is clear I hope. 4) Keep a crafting elements as the original games had, its a really nice touch. 5) If devs would listen there is much more to come 🙂
  6. Yep, lets take it practically guys, right ? 1) It had been about a half year since we heard the news about the game (Sep 17, 2021) 2) It is possible to pre-order the game from the main page. (Don't know how many people did it, and most likely we would never know) 3) There are 0 updates from the devs since than (or may be I'm wrong ?) So, basing on these facts I would assume the game is dead long ago. The devs waited for huge amounts of preorders or expected to be sold to someone, so they wanted to rise the price by announcing something that is close to production, same way as many do nowadays. Hope I'm wrong... but that's kinda seems to be practical for now. Now about the purpose: gamers play games, that's our purpose. And the next life we also will play games. Simple, concise and clear.
  7. Sure its nice and is another dimension for development, but it pushes the game into XCOM direction, building in base facilities and so. Alternative implementation may be the idea behind a "strike commander" base, to have some conversations with the mercs and may be some interesting missions and locations, based on such interactions, so different mercs might add some different content, as long as we have a main char.
  8. Well, yeah, you kinda right about item progression, from the other point of view I could be able to order some items only after I have already had by looting (at least that's what I felt while playing). And a shipment price was fixed (if I recall correctly), no matter how much I order, so I like to order more than less with such policies, but with the limited shop what can I order at all ? Items I already have no need to be ordered, those I don't - I can't. Sounds iffy, so it better to be re-balanced in some way. Lets say how many items one is ordering before the last mission ? I guess most of the people have nothing to order ... And how many orders are up in the last third of the game, as an item progression is at the end ?
  9. And one more thing that made a fallout 2 to become the best game for me in its genre: random encounters. Basing on the group's luck (or a main char luck if we have one) during the traversing the 2D map of the island I would love to meet random and unlimited events, such as: a random mysterious trader, that can sell something unique and nice, a random merc for hire with nice stats and low salary requests, a few gangs fighting each other so I can decide whether to interfere or just wait till they nuke each other and loot the remains, or a gang attacking farmers or some tigers attacking local folks or an old secret military base with 4-5 floors, so secret that even one who hired me didn't know about it nor where it is, protected by some old robots or a mercenaries gang hired by another country, and so on. There are no limits here, just make it random anywhere on the 2D map and some events should be repeatable, like a trader.
  10. When I get a first game I do take it as it is with all its pitfalls and "negatives". These things: cons and pros, define a game for me and they actually set the "standard" of the game. When a next game gets out I can compare these cons and pros and decide if the next one is better. So for me all the negatives are kinda basic features of JA1/2 and if we change them that would be an another game for me. However what I'm missing the most is a complete rotatable and zoom-able 3D landscape in the missions with nowadays graphics, while outside the missions (as an island map) it can remain the same 2D. Definitely love to see more weaponry and armor upgrades, but the game is not XCOM with the scientific labs and engineerings, so there is a subtle line between developing new weapons and how much can one go into upgrading a given model. There is also a degree of finding resources for the upgrade, after all I do not know how deep one would want to cover scavenging of the area as it become in fallout 4 compared to fallout 2, as again it will become a different game. A most ridiculous part in JA2 for me was an online shop that had a very limited stock from the moment I start the game. An online shop is not in the country and should not be limited by my progress, unlike mercs that can be on vacations or at the assignments. The only thing that should limit the online shop is my finances, not my progress in the liberating the island. While at the beginning it would be really nice to have a tradeoff b/n how many mercs one can hire versus the gear one can obtain in the shop, at the moment I was advancing quite nicely I already had 0 interest in the items they sell online. Another part was leveling mercs. I think there is much to be improved here. Usually after a merc gets 2 or 3 skill improvements, +1 each, a merc levels up and from now on costs significantly more, while another guy of the same level can be hired with much better/higher skills. So I saw here a great dis-balance in prev games.
  11. Would be nice to have a wildlife indeed, not just animals, but new nice landscapes and flora. The snowy areas and forests, rivers and jungles and plains. The tactics goes with the landscape, so different areas should be treated with different weaponry. The trailer does not have to show everything and I hope it didn't.
  12. Well, details make perfection and perfection is not a detail, as Leo said long time ago. But giving too much details might frighten new players so it should have some balance imho. Nevertheless, the moment we have modding we can implement anything we want, that's the main idea behind long living games. Yeah, and put some Canadian beer cans back to business as in JA1, would be a nice touch.
  13. If JA3 would be exactly the same as JA2 or JA1, just redrawn in real 3D by unreal engine 5 graphics or photo-graphics or what ever engine they name it (all are equally fine by me) I'll be pleased and I'm sure most of the fans would accept it adequately. Just keep it open for modding for people with an artistic bend and we will take it from here. There is no high need to add anything above that. However, looks like some things are impossible to achieve as JA2 collapsed by suing cases of one company against the other, as at least that's the feeling I had when I read the forums... So I guess to make sure no one would ever be able to sue JA3 developer from our past friends the new game must have zero resemblance to it's predecessors, except for the name I guess, or they had to buy all possible rights from the past. Sad to say, but that's probably is in our nature. Therefore the question here is how much previous "licenses" the new designer have, to minimize all possible cases against her/him and that will define how close the JA3 "can theoretically" be to the games we love.
  14. Well, the ETA matters not when we are talking about legendary titles like "jagged alliance". Yet it probably is expected to be within 1-3 years. Hope the game will not become a resemble of a card 2D indie game where merc "abilities" are developed per profession as it is in many XCOM ruined analogies where all actions points are divided by 2 steps regardless of a weapon used. Would be nice to know a little more about looting system, is it complete (loot all the gear from the body such as a weapon, ammo, armor, etc) or just a couple of randoms. Nevertheless, finally great news, good luck !!!
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