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  1. Wartales, klotzen Panzer battles and Rise of Humanity look interesting.
  2. What's a bit deflating is the lack of commentary from the developers in here.
  3. If you could translate it, that would be good and appreciated LXant. 🙂
  4. These aren't tactical strategy games, they're more click adventure type games, but I like them, made by a developer called The Brotherhood, 'Stasis', 'Cayne', and 'Beautiful desolation' (which I'm playing at the moment) also another game they're working on 'Stasis 2 bone totem'.
  5. You have to belong to a club here in NZ to own or possess a pistol, and if they mandate the vaccine for rifle clubs then we might have to hand those in, which sucks. Your Canadian laws look similar to ours.
  6. As long as they allow mod tools for JA3, we should see 1.13 type of mods being made for it. But for the base game, the focus should be on making the core game good, that's what's important.
  7. Yeah I'd be more worried if it was the actual developer who hadn't played JA2.
  8. Did anyone play Urban Strife demo? I thought it was fun, needs some improvement here and there but overall I like it, the shooting mechanics based on real ballistics was interesting.
  9. It'll be Christmas before that happens, I mean I hope they get answered sooner. 🙂
  10. Yeah, but hey we only saw a pre alpha? build of the game, and they didn't show everything, so who knows its could be in there or still being worked on, or they have something else, which I hope is as good.
  11. Will JA3 have talking heads and a list of questions and answers that you can reply with? like in the picture below.
  12. You're probably right GODSPEED, I thought EA was a good idea, but too many chefs spoil the broth, let them make a good game, but I wouldn't mind a demo before release. Just hope they listen to us, that's all and don't make something completely un Jagged Alliance.
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