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  1. In NZ they are thinking of banning iPhones in schools during class, can't believe it took this long, when I was at school they took our walk-mans off us or magazines if they saw us with them and didn't give them back till the end of the year. But in this woke sensitive world, you can't properly discipline, I fear for the future Generations, and how this world will end up. God help us.
  2. Thankyou for your hard work on the game, I hope it does well.
  3. That kind of stuff is good if you've got a lot of time, and not a lot of other stuff to do, but I think with people to day they lack patience and are bombarded with so much stuff (mostly crap) they can't be bothered wasting time on a game with too much detail, and would rather something more quick and easy to get through, then move on to the next thing.
  4. I meant it could be more costly and time consuming.
  5. Not sure if there's a walking animation but it does look a bit clone like with them all running the same together, bit of differences in the movements for each character would've made them more unique, but that could be a lot work doing different animations for all mercs and the enemies.
  6. I think the game looks good enough, wait till you've played it fully to completely judge it, and with mods they maybe able to fix things to how you like it, of course depending on the engine capabilities. The post talking about damage done to the ground, leaving craters, maybe a decal that looks like a crater could be used, especially with bigger explosions like dynamite, c4 or mortars. a bit of soot or burnt mark doesn't seem enough.
  7. What other influences or contributions did he have over JA3, apart from being a writer? and is he happy with the game?
  8. If your team or the enemy CAN get captured, make it an option though, that you can choose whether to accept the surrender, not something that's automatic and out of your control, same with your Merc's, if they can get captured, you can accept the surrender or carry on fighting.
  9. I like the idea of surrendering enemy, also retreating enemy when out gunned, I think the latter is in the game, also your team could get captured and you have to rescue them? With the captured enemy you could interrogate them for info or use them as your own militia.
  10. I'd like to see an interrupt system in there, not just the overwatch.
  11. Maybe this has been mentioned somewhere but I haven't seen it, will we be able to pick up our downed merc's and carry them to safety? same as with the enemy, will they heal their wounded and pick them up? could make for some interesting gameplay.
  12. Animated portraits, you won't give up on that one 😀.. but I agree with your list, lets hope they listen and fix them, otherwise mods will have to.
  13. A lot of sounds are missing too, so its probably on the list to fix.
  14. Also another game with Germans set in WW2, "Forgotten but unbroken", check it out on steam.
  15. I take back on what I said about the enemy falling over the same, I saw some more footage and they do die differently, Only thing is when you hit them there's not much feedback or reaction, they just seem to absorb it.
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