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  1. Forgotten Weapons was a treasure trove of information. Their videos are very informative and give so much background and history on the weapons they show. Some of my favorites are the Lahti antitank rifle, slow-mo footage of malfunctions and on the fun side the one with the minigun and recently they did show a rail gun (I believe it was an actual commercial product). Somewhat adjacent youtube channel is InRangeTV with their mud test - they do go above and beyond with the mud. As for the top 3 weapons I can't yet spoil anything for JA3 but I can share my top 3 JA2 weapons: 1. FN FAL - "the right arm of the free world" - it's an amazing assault rifle with great stopping power in the late game against armored foes. 2. Remington M870 - for a long time I ignored shotguns in JA2 since they didn't do much damage against enemies with armor but I changed my view in a recent playthrough where I got a Remington drop on the first map (Omerta) and found it extremely useful as a starting weapon. 3. M-14 - getting one of those is often a turning point in the way I approach fights in JA2 because of the range and accuracy it provided. I would also include as an honorable mention the throwing knife as most fun way to play sneaky and silently.
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