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  1. I like these two ideas immensely! Other skins for your favorite mercs would be awesome! The spy-game idea is also quite nice because you get another money sink (besides merchants which is in my eyes a must for JA3). You can buy intel for cash so you have to decide: a new merc, new gear from merchants or intel. I like these ideas a lot, Thanks!
  2. Like random raids from pirates (as an additional enemy) on the westcoast while your teams are stuck in the mainland. So you have a new nuance to the campaign where you have to secure the liberated sectors? Not bad of an idea.
  3. You again. Not helpful and mean... you must be the obligatory forum-troll. Just try to be constructive and tame your cynicism/nihilism. Give some ideas instead of complaining! I would like to hear some more ideas.
  4. Hey guys, i want to make a thread were we can give some ideas for future DLCs and maybe the devs will take some inspiration. (Dear devs take my ideas, they are free of charge and i dont claim anything if you are using them!!!) My first idea would be some more sectors on the main map (please dont make extra campaigns, just expand the existing map!) with unseen features like an Oil-rig on the unused sea-sectors where you have to fight on upper deck and lower deck (like a dungeon) for some extra cash. Another idea would be a (/some) sector(s) with a more urban feature for a urban warfare kind of playstyle. As far as i have seen there are mostly favela-style cities/villages. Maybe some urban brawls in a (more than one) story tall skyscraper would be neat. But dont seperate the stories like the dungeon maps but leave all the stories on the same map for a more vertical game experience that will give the fights a new feeling with more nuances. (maybe a destroyed skyscraper where you have to switch between the stories all the time to advance the map. Last but not least a M.E.R.C.-addon were you get more mercs but the twist is M.E.R.C. is a top player in 2001. M.E.R.C. was a satire/persiflage on garage start-up companies (like Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) and maybe they exploded (like e.g. Amazon) and are now top notch. And for the new mercs on M.E.R.C. you have to haggle their pay were you dont have an exact number to pay but you have to offer some cash and the mercs agree, disagree or give a counter-offer. And please add some new mercs to the game! I love all the old mercs, but more new and fresh ones would breathe some frash life into the franchise (and all the old fans dont have a chance to complain how their favorite merc was masacred by the devs (as you can find some threads in this forum)). (Fanservice is nice but should be limited!)
  5. This wont change much in my constellation: Barry - 2.990 (expl) M.D. - 3.770 (medi) Igor - 3.770 (stealth/fighter) Livewire - 4.600 (mech/medi) (will get all +Marksmanship-Magazines until Mark:75 then she will also be a sniper) ----------------> 15.130,- (20.000,-) These four will be my starting Team, after i gained ~2.130 cash i will bring in my IMP and after that (if the cash is flowing) i will bring in Ice - 7.200 (sniper/Flanker) or Buns - 5.480 as 'discount' Ice (lower stats (especially Str) but 93 Wis) Also: "Classic. ^__^" well everyone i know min-maxed their IMP so you are absolutly right.
  6. I am kind of irritated about your statement. First of all the talents existed since JA1, second the traits already existed in JA2, third the JA-Franchise is a Tactical-RPG... RPG as in ROLE PLAYING GAME of course there are skills, talents, etc. thats one of the pillars (and charme) of this genre. Fourth do you compare JA3 to CoD? Really??? Do you want JA3 to be dumped down to no stats at all? Why tho? Or did you maybe just confuse this Forum with an other games Forum?
  7. Well i was looking for the 90+ skills and found something interesting (see attached picture). It seems that the perk "Trick Shot" was replaced with for a perk called "Ambusher"... or is this an older build? Does anybody know?
  8. That will take me some time... i dont remember which streamer it was and at what time i saw them. I will have a look but it will take some time. Eventhough i think no merc has a 90+ perk from the beginning.
  9. Bobby Rays would add another layer to the money sink... With more options you have to decide if you want to hire another merc or buy some new and shiny stuff... Maybe limit the amount of Bobbys inventory which will change every week so you can simmer towards Bobbys next week offering. To not include Bobby Rays shop is a mistake!
  10. "What will be your first team?" well thats easy: Barry - 2.990 (expl) M.D. - 3.770 (medi) Igor - 3.770 (stealth/fighter) Livewire - 4.600 (mech/medi) (will get all +Marksmanship-Magazines until Mark:75 then she will also be a sniper) Ice - 7.200 (sniper) IMP - 7.000 (lead/sniper) ----------------> 29.330,- (30.00,- starting cash as far as i have seen in all streams) A 6 man squad that will be sufficient on all tasks. Ice and Igor 81/78 wisdom will be sufficient. Barry, M.D. and Livewire 91/94/94 wisdom... fast leveling for the Perks i want/need. For my Imp: Heal Agil Dext Stre Wisd Lead Mark Mech Expl Medi 75 85 85 50 85 85 85 0 0 0 Personal Perk: Any (not decided yet but so far 'Negotiator' is favorite) Tactical Perk: Stealthy/Teaching (or maybe Night Ops... not decided yet) He will be Leader/Sniper and pretty good at that even though he has no Mech/Tech/Medi-skills
  11. Thank you very much my man. And to honour your effort i will change my profile pic ;D
  12. Well that sounds great and hope is returning into my withered heart. Many thanks to you kind sir for the information! Do you have the link to that interview by any chance? Haemimont Games always had DLCs for their games (Omerta, Tropica, etc.) and if the higher-up of THQ Nordic is not denying it then i am quite hopeful there will be more content post release (even more when the people creating this game understand that it is quite niche and still say there will be more).
  13. Actually i would disagree on that point. THQ Nordic is a veteran at publishing and they should know that a -20% prerelease discount would produce negative reactions and distrust (-10% would be alright but at -20% peoples cynicism kicks in). A +20% increase in price would have actually the opposite effect. It would project confidence of the Devs/Publisher of their product and onto their customers and the customers would assume that the product ended up to be bigger (and therefore better) and they would be more curious.... customers psychology is quite weird sometimes. But let us please not concentrate on this topic in this thread (there are enough others out there about this issue). Lets stay focused on the main question: What is the future of JA3 in a failing-Embracer-Group-time?
  14. Well this was not helpful at all and a waste of a post. Thanks...
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