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  1. Hey JA3 Modders, For all of you who are experimenting with the new patch and want to update your mods before it launches - this is the topic for you! If you are not - you are here at your own risk 🙂 If you are a modder and don't use the Discord server for any reason, below you can find the ChangeLog and diff files for the new Patch. As always - backup your savegames and mods beforehand! Savegames can break if you use this and then roll back to public. Happy modding and see you in Grand Chien! Cheers, Pavel Changelog_1.4.0_forModders.txt 1.3.3-1.4.0.diff.7z
  2. Full recording of the talk is up on youtube. If your prepping for 1.5.0 modding improvements - this talk includes some very fundamental info that you might find useful.
  3. Hey @ksloth We're aiming at simultaneous release on all platforms. Some exceptions might occur but they will remain exceptions.
  4. Going live at 20:00 (GMT+2). Kalina from our team takes the gamepad for a first impressions run of #jaggedalliance3 on console. Join us over are twitch.tv/haemimontgames
  5. Hey guys, You can find the DevStream recording on our Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/jFGX4g0ihxg
  6. Sad but the connection did us dirty. We're rescheduling with Jonathan so stay tuned on when he can join us. In the mean time here is the recording of last weeks DevsPlay#4 https://youtu.be/PMv5Vpn5IvU
  7. We had a great conversation with David. We talked his first mods, his first JA and of course answered the question WHY he got into modding #JaggedAlliance3 (spoiler meme, you have been warned :D)
  8. Hey The conditions for the Mod Editor button is to not be Platform.steamdeck. As far as I know Proton is used by Steamdeck. That is our best guess.
  9. Hi all, The Sabrina Mod is not a full character but a demonstration of how to make an AIM merc using the editor and available assets as well as connect lines and voice files. That said for demo purposes she doesn't have the full suite of voice lines like the other mercs. You can look at the editor or in the mod folder to narrow down which are in the game. There is also a test/play option on the editor.
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