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  1. (no spoiler) English is not my first language, sorry in advance. Just finished the game in ironman & highest difficulties, streamed on Douyu (a Chinese platform) the entire process. Uploading the ending video to Bilibili as I am writing this feedback to the devs. After this I am going to dive into Xenonauts 2 and then Diablo 4 new season starts...I will comeback to JA3 after Baulders gate 3 for sure...(what a good year for gamers) There are lots of people I didn't save, lot of puzzles left unsolved. Overall I wanna say, as a JA veteran from the very begining, I didn't expect you guys can make a game that meets my lowest standard, I pre ordered game only because I saw Ian Currie's name in the trailer. Somehow this game is much better than expected, I don't think it gets to JA2 level yet, but there are few wrongs but so many rights. I am recommending this game to all of my friends, it's brilliant. Ok...enough kissing...here are my thoughts, negatives first. Things that are missing... 1. it's no longer a relatively realistic tactical simulation. (I have to emphasize, it doesn't mean the game is not fun) Despite having much more vertical space, JA3 tactical map is too small. I don't think mod can fix that and I understand making larger map will cost you guys a lot more. But as a result of small tactical map, you often have some ridculous amount of CQC, even in few side missions despite have choices to avoid battle, but you often end up in a situation where 10-20 soliders holding heavy rifles stand next to each other face to face and having a shoot out...and you know the result...my guys came out with some small wounds but these bullet proof juggernauts are not like those humans in JA2. This game's fighting is getting way too "Xcom" than JA2. To be fair, there are moments where I feel the game enabled me to do some real military style tactics, but it't overshadowed by too many "not real moments" The realsim is mostly gone, except those moments, in the dark, in the rain, you see the incoming bullets bounce off the walls...me like those... I am not saying the fights are not enjoyable, they are, but JA2 is not Xcom, maybe Xcom style of gaming appeals more (newer) audience...But I am not coming from a sales perspective, as a die hard fan, in 3-5 years, if you were to make a Jagged Alliance 4, the frist thing I want to change will be tactical map size. Give us more room and more realism, and larger and longer fights. You can't just make it easier for players to send level 9 highly armoured man running 10 blocks over all the fences with a heavy machine gun and shoot enemy in the face. In my end game, I decided to spend all my millions of dollars and fill the map with 4 of my squads, I am completely out gun (literally, i have more people than the boss)the final villian...I blame this to the tactical map size. You can't have 50 enemies within that map size... Also... I don't like you took out the stamina bar way, My Igor Dorvich is running like Usain Bolt with full heavy armour, two guns ready to use, and a mortar and a rocket launcher in the backpack. That is also why I don't like to tear apart weapons for parts and magically making all sorts of attachments for guns out of "parts" you find on burned cars. All these system is fun and easy to understand, I enjoy playing, it's easy and painless. But it took the realsim away piece by piece. Plus, other than stealth kills, even I have no enemies in sight for 1000 turns, you still won't switch back to real time. That is frustrating in quite a few maps where there are plenty rooms (say, that Jail where you get your AA-12 is a good example) The game just dosen't allow you to go back to real time. I guess that will be fixed by some mod later on. and finally, other than guns, why can't I see the armour changes on my characters? This is the part where you should learn from Xcom...allow colour custimization, actually, with good voice acting and slightly different character modelling, I don't even need colour custimization. I am just happeir to see the sexy fox came in with some holiday clothes and ended up with full tactical gear, some heavy plated amour that actually also have that bullet bounce off effect (how cool would that be) To be honest, if you were to make JA4, I want the game to be even more realistic, featuring food and water. What that kind of resource management can enable, I will leave other player to imagine. 2. Vehicles 3. MOARE Mercenaries May be I'm too greedy, but coming from JA2, JA3 roster feels too small. But I guess that ok, just make a DLC...please 4. A good difficulty curve Early in the game, resouces are lacking, so not enough money leads to not enough man power. Game won't allow you to go out and hunt ...you can't sell crocdile teeth or leather. Buying in the flea market is possible but a bit redundant (may be the books and medicine is needed but that's that) But as game progress, you have your steady 6-12 man team, map has been cleaned off. You have a million dollar to spend, but what can you buy other than more expnesive mercenaries? Pretty much nothing. You can't buy M82A1 from a website or a flea market. Good loot all from solving map puzzles or missions. You have all the resouces in the world, but enemy actually gets weaker, they have less outpost to launch attack. Soliders wear same amount of amour which I am disspointted if my 100 marksmanship guy can't 1 shot them from far with a M24. There aren't tanks holding the critical locations. There aren't elite (well...there are some, but I can't feel the difference) swarming you in larger volumes. If you can finish about 20 heavy armoured enemies in a tactical map, this game is pretty much over to you, because from now on that represents the highest challenge in the game. The only difference will be enemies may have better vantage point in certain maps. 5. UI... may be I am just plain stupid, I finish the game, but i sitll don't know how to multi select 4 squads and let them go to one location at the same time. Or...may be you guys fxxked up on UI. That's about all my issues with the game that I can remember for now. The good things... I like how cities have a short intro cinematics. I love boss fights (though it can be improved) I love you preserve the characters, humour, when I see certain character from certain previous entry of the series and game allows you to select one of my all time favourite quote, I was beyond happy. I said few times above, but I love that bullet bounces off the wall effects, (but then agian, I am not happy with how night fights are represented, I don't see the usefulness of flare, I never used night vision goggles...) Music is good, I love the story (but should have an Sci-fi option and a realistic opiton like JA2) I love the XEP625 password I love the entire vibe of the game, I can't pin point one thing, but it does bring that JA2 feeling back. It's not there yet, but JA2 I think was at the top of this sub genre. I want to thank the Devs actually made this enjoyable game, this can be a instant classic strategy game if it's not called Jagged Alliance. With the JA name, the expectation is sky high, because JA2 is pretty much the GOAT in this sub genre. But JA3 get pretty close. It's a good trend, please devs, you will make some good money out of this game, please go do your holidays and stuff, quickly come back to the studio, make your quick buck on the DLCs, go make the fourth one.
  2. Первая команда? Конечно, это должны быть Иван и Игорь Дорвичи.
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