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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having fun with the game. I got some questions regarding modding. I know official modding tools are about to come 🙂 Just want to mess with stuff a bit.

I figured out how to unpack the .hpk files and get access to textures, sounds and such using HPK archiver I found on github (for Haemimont Engine). I managed to repack them to a new hpk-file again.

For extaction I used

for %%g in (*.hpk) do mkdir "%%~ng"
for %%g in (*.hpk) do hpk.exe extract "%%g" "%%~ng"

For repacking I used

hpk create UI UI

(as i just edited the UI folder)

For a test, i just edited a loading screen by opening SplashScreen.DDS in Paint.net. Unfortunately, when I start the game after repacking, it just crashes without an error message.

For some reason the filesize is vastly different after repacking to:
UI.hpk is the new file i creates and UI.hpk old is the old I left as a backup.



Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance!




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Looks like none of the parameters create a file that small either. I guess they have developed a more efficient compression method for the hpk files? And JA3 can't extract the files compressed with this old method the tool uses at the moment? You could try using the --dont-compress-files parameter, file sizes don't match, but if the game detects it doesn't need to apply any extraction it might work.

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