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Did I mess something up? (spoilers)


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Things were progressing well - I had secured control over starting Island, Fleatown, and Camp la Barriere, managed to build a sizable militia there, including elite members.

My plans to advance Pantagruel were disrupted when Biff from MERC sent out a distress call. I responded, succeeding in saving him (which costed most of my ammo and resources). Then I went to confront Santiago at the refugee camp. I found all its inhabitants - including a few quest characters I had previously rescued but not yet visited - dead. I was accused and ordered to be eliminated and using pretty much all of my stuff I stood my ground (with no casualties, yay!)

However, in the aftermath of the camp incident, while I was licking wounds, about five assault groups seized ALL MY HARD-WON territories.

I'm wondering if I inadvertently triggered a high-level questline? I did make a short visit to the east island (sanatorium), just before Biff's plea for help.

I'm curious to know if any of you experienced something similar - is this just part of the game's challenge?

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  • shalak changed the title to Did I mess something up? (spoilers)

This is part of the game. I don't know the exact trigger for that event, I guess it is linked to your overall progress.
If you followed the cutscenes and dialogues, you may know that the army is taking over the country. "ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO US", as the meme says.
It's a turning point in the campaign. You were lucky or good enough not to loose mercs in the ambush. I would advise you not to pour too much of your forces trying to defend your remaining sectors. Try to regroup and go ahead, conquering strategical locations (inc. a port so you can recruit A.I.M. mercs again) to start over. The army has much better fighters and equipment than the legion.

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