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PSG1 + 100% mine profits


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So I managed to get the Diesel (thanks to Melliores' tips in other topic). From what I see, there are two options now:

- give it to Bounce and get a PSG1, which looks like an awesome sniper rifle (I'm currently using M24 and lack of free movement hurts), but get 50% of mine's profits,

- give it to Siegfried and get 100%.

Given that I like to take my time (always train militia to the best, craft ammo, full-heal, etc) I cannot afford to have my profits cut in half. Unfortunately, after killing Bounce, the PSG1 doesn't drop.


Has anyone found a way to get both? 🤗

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  • shalak changed the title to PSG1 + 100% mine profits

There is no way to get both from that quest, you are chosing if you care more about the long term economy or immediately arming your best marksman with a weapon that has both power and mobility.

From your description of the preferred playstyle, the mine is the better pick.

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