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  1. As far as I can tell there is no suit, you just get a hint about something you might not check otherwise.
  2. None of what you suggest "fixes" any "problem". Militia being dumb is series tradition, and while they could stand to be a bit smarter, the same can be said about the enemy and they more than adequately provide the most vital service they exist for: defend sectors in auto-resolve. Mines running out is intended to stop you from camping a single one forever as you train up all your mercenaries to 90+ in all stats, it does exactly what it should in exactly the way that is necessary. The inventory is hardly restrictive if you have even ONE strength based character which while unfortunate is how they decided to make that attribute valuable to have. Even on this you are merely swapping one problem for another, and Strength is a bad enough attribute as it is. Dropping tons of gear you cannot use over some gear that may hold value is stupid, almost no game does this, because it's pointless busywork clicking away through all the trash instead of being excited about the one good item you might get. This is ultimately an RPG, and one where you won't find a "Rifle +1", so you may well not drown in a sea of garbage. The economy is nowhere near stringent enough for this to be necessary either.
  3. Of course there are, we just don't visit them. Yet.
  4. It is a weakness that the story requires those people to be invulnerable, but at the same time this is decidedly leaning more into the RPG aspect than any of the previous games and judging by those merits it is definitely acceptable that you cannot ruin said story by knowing it beforehand. There is only a small amount of cheating involved, and other than Ernie you can at least defend everything else you hold if you're in the area to react quick enough.
  5. You can always make your IMP the mechanic, and there is Kalyna for fixing gear between battles. Nails if you enjoy his brand of tough guy is a great substitute for a dedicated mechanic or explosives expert, even though compared to someone like Vicky he was absolutely FUCKED by the favoritism in terms of trait distribution.
  6. When did you last play JA2? You are literally getting a superior version of that in JA3: you don't have to manually open the turn based, you just set your dudes outside of detection range (you would already be in turn based due to enemy contact in JA2), and you then get your full turn with one interrupt if you are spotted. As to the facing and strafing, there is no need for it: it serves no practical purpose, as you are already at no risk of interruption, there is no directional vision (SAME AS VANILLA JA2), and there is no weapon raise/turn costs to pay up front by doing so.
  7. Commando is an SMG that takes a GL, it is absolutely WILD.
  8. Supression happens on: Main target Anyone else hit by strays I could see modding add a "shotgun cone" that is what applies the actual suppression, to the attack.
  9. There absolutely are ways to spend money outside of mercs, most of them also happen to be in the exact areas you visit when you have least of it and aren't yet swimming in guns looted from enemies or quests, making it an actually meaningful decision to do so. Mercs also do go up in price with skill, they just don't do it in "steps", but rather gradually and quietly via a constant reevaluation. They will also routinely ask for a one-time bonus either as a random event or as a bribe to stay on the team when something or someone they don't like happens. The finances are tuned around presenting you with a challenge at the stage of the game where money being tight is a major plot point (your operation is funded by diamond miners who want their mines back), and much like in JA2 you hit a point where that concern evaporates and you are left with literal millions of dollars and not even the full catalog of Bobby Ray's is going to make a dent in that amount.
  10. The reason there isn't one is because [spoilers] and [spoilers], it definitely makes sense.
  11. That's not exactly how the Red dot works, it sets Marked on a Aim 3+ shot, but that shot will not be a crit itself, you need to make a followup that hits to consume the mark and score a crit (anyone can do it, not just the original shooter).
  12. Why would you want a patch every week? This isn't a live service game, nor is it buggy or broken in a way that'd require any immediate action. The plan is for Mod tools next month, and DLC sometime later.
  13. Clearly, you do not understand how projected income looks. The game estimates how much you're making effectively with everyone that's on the pay roll, not what the raw income is.
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