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Before, in earlier games, you used to drop guns on the ground and the militia would pick them up.  Thus you had some control over the equipment they were using.  Is there a way do that in JA3?  I've dropped guns but nobody picks them up.  Kinda sad if you can't.

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I see this. I played JA 2 I don’t know how many times - gazzillion probably. 
I have never ever bother with arming militia. It was quicker and cheaper just to hire cheap guys from merc and keep them strategically positioned so they could jump and train more. 

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13 minutes ago, ninjalex said:

Dropping guns to milita is a 1.13 mod I believe? Can't remember it was an option in vanilla JA2. It's a fun addition, but so much micromanagement.

It isn't an option in base JA2 no.

Something I always wondered is if it mattered what weapons the Mercs are equipped with when training the militia. It always seemed that militia tend to be equipped with the same tier weapons e.g. when having Mercs armed with pistols training them, the militia gets pistols too. However, it might also be linked to the experience level of the militia.

Something I'm going to check tonight when starting a new campaign with JA2.

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In JA2 vanilla, militia came with their own equipment.
You are talking about a 1.13 feature.

JA3 militia works as in JA2 vanilla, they come with their own stuff. No need to give them weapons or anything. If you have spare weapons or armor, disassemble them for scraps. Use scraps to repair your stuff, mod your weapons, craft ammo and explosives.

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