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enemy movement range / AP on Commando difficulty


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nevermind, I just looked at the pic again and counted the squares, looks like Ice would be able to do this with full AP.

So I have to get used to first village goons having Ice-level stats 😁🤪




I was wondering, am I missing something or what is going on with the enemies?

See attached picture. Goon started on the X position on the left behind the stone wall, jumped through the window, ran past the building, entered trough the window (dashed red line was his movement path) AND got a shot off.

If you look at Ice, who I consider one of the most agile guys to have for the start, and his movement range, I don't think he'd be able to pull this off.

so what is going on here? Do we really need roadrunner goons, or are there hidden perks for NPCs, like rollerskating etc?



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"Do you feel like enemies are running twice as fast as your mercs? This is not just your feeliing: on top difficulty they have 60% bonus to free move. IMHO it is just not fun, cause it breaks tactical combat dividing it into two phases: long range sniping -> close combat. No middle distance battle.
Mod decreases enemies 60% free move bonus to 20% for MI, and from 30% to 10% for Commando."

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