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This really should have been a feature


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If you try to equip a knife and a gun together, the game will tell you: NO!

But if you try to swap a grenade previously in your hand with a gun in your pack...

No complaints.
If only you could actually stab with the knife in this config too.


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6 hours ago, Solaris_Wave said:

Do you mean that you can't even have a handgun in one hand and a knife in the other? Both are one-handed weapons (even if you should use your other hand to support your handgun), so it surprises me.

There is no way to hold a knife and a pistol at the same time for some reason. But you can have a knife and a grenade.

The most likely reason for this is that there are no animations in the game for having both, the knife and the handgun, in your mercs hands at the same time so they just don't allow you to do so. You can have a grenade and a knife, because the merc won't actually hold the grenade physically and the player model can still play the default knife animations without having to take a possible grenade model into account.

What @Jaywalker means is that you can have a knife and handgun in hands at the same time by swapping a previously held grenade with a gun which you shouldn't be normally allowed to do. It's a bug though, and it won't let you actually use the knife.

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