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  1. Normal difficulty. Character is fully built for using melee, picking up all the perks that either make your melee attacks more damaging, accurate or give you more grit along with the mobility ones. Of course there are enemies that can delete you if you get unlucky, but that's just how it goes. You need to pick your targets though and preferrably not try to face tank enemies with machetes or heavy weaponry. You deal with the most dangerous enemies first. With close to 20 AP and all the free move you can do, most of the time it's a non issue to kill one target and then dash away for a new approach. Sometimes if the enemies are well positioned (for you that is), you can just dance through every single one and stab each of them once while at the same time retreating to safety. Regular marauders are a non-threat unless you get absolutely swarmed. The beginning is probably the hardest in my opinion since you don't have all those cool perks yet and you need to rely more on being sneaky rather than a whirlwind of doom. But you gain levels so very quick when playing solo that by the time you enter the mainland you're quite well off already.
  2. I don't think a simple bullet proof vest or some sort of helmet visual would lessen the "individuality" of the characters. I'd be all in for having even that little bit of gear visible on the characters. The blonde female I.M.P. merc already has a sweet looking bullet proof vest on herself by default and she has a whole outfit underneath it too that makes her visually different looking from the rest. In my opinion having something similar for just wearing a vest wouldn't be in the way of how the characters look stylewise. Heck, they could use the same base visual for every armor type and just have different textures on them depending if they're wearing flack, kevlar or camo. That being said I fully understand why they didn't go down the route, but I'd love to see something like that happening in the future if at all possible. Visual fluff is great, the more the better, usually anyway. Back in Action did the whole gear thing quite well even if the game otherwise was a little subpar. A toggle switch in the options menu to choose between showing and not showing protective gear would keep both sides happy. Of course, it is a lot of work to rig the models for the armor even if all you did was just slap some vests on the torso model, but it should not by any means be outside the realm of possibilities.
  3. I'm running two solo games at the moment. One stealth sniper, one full on melee. Both builds have zero explosives, zero medical. They're both quite unnecessary skills for a solo in my opinion. The stealth sniper has a maxed out mechanical for weapon mods and the knife guy has only 50, but I think that was too much. Both styles have been very successful for me, but they require a different play style. I love the melee character though. Feels good rushing a whole group of enemies and just stabbing them all to pieces before they get a good chance to react and when they do shoot me back the grit shield has gotten so large, that if the enemy isn't shooting at me with a heavy machinegun I'm practically in no danger of dying most of the time. The melee guy for sure takes more wounds though, but they hardly matter. Movement is the key and the sniper, with her light armour and free movement can run practically half the sector for free. She's insanely mobile. The knife guy not so much, but that's mainly because I'm wearing heavier gear on him. Both builds rely on the cover action to get those extra AP's for the next round for that extra stabby time or reposition allowance.
  4. As @Skaldy mentioned above, I'm talking about the Operations menu action in Sat View, where you can have one merc as a doctor and then fill the patient roster with mercs with wounds. It will heal everybody to 100% and take care of any and all wounds. If you're running low on meds, you don't have to use first aid on wounded mercs after battle to fill their health. They will heal up to the maximum allowed health on their own over the next few in game hours. It's often a good idea to not waste meds on mercs with only one wound and only heal everyone up after you're done taking care of a bigger operation. I find it saves both time and resources. Naturally though, if you don't save scum, it is alot more dangerous to take wounded mercs to combat.
  5. There is no way to hold a knife and a pistol at the same time for some reason. But you can have a knife and a grenade. The most likely reason for this is that there are no animations in the game for having both, the knife and the handgun, in your mercs hands at the same time so they just don't allow you to do so. You can have a grenade and a knife, because the merc won't actually hold the grenade physically and the player model can still play the default knife animations without having to take a possible grenade model into account. What @Jaywalker means is that you can have a knife and handgun in hands at the same time by swapping a previously held grenade with a gun which you shouldn't be normally allowed to do. It's a bug though, and it won't let you actually use the knife.
  6. The enemies are using some sort of african shamanism to detect mercs they shouldn't be able to even know about. It's a weird thing when it happens. Sometimes the enemy can be absolutely oblivious to your presence and they just run around aimlessly when alerted, but more often than not they beeline to where you are hiding when there should be zero possibility for them to know your location. That is, to put it short: They be cheating ya! But to be fair, I've also wondered on occasion if this behaviour is AI bugging out due to some sort of overlooked bit in the code or if it is indeed intended so that stealthing wouldn't be as powerful as it could otherwise be.
  7. - Wounds have absolutely no effect outside of reducing your maximum health by 10 points per wound. - Mercs don't immediately heal lost health points after the combat ends, but all negative effects (bleeding and such) will cease the moment the last enemy keeping you in turn based combat dies. - Health will slowly fill up to the current maximum even if you don't bandage wounds. It even happens while traversing on the map if you allow the passage of time. Or you can bandage a merc and regain lost health points immediately. - All wounds heal automatically over time as well if you just hang out at any sector and let the time pass. But it is a lot slower than using the medical skill through the operations menu. You can also do R & R. I believe it speeds up the healing period for wounds, but not by much compared to just letting your mercs rest. - Using the medical skill will heal all wounds and return every patient to 100% health after the operation has run its course. All in all medical has been kind of a useless skill to have. It only matters if you're in a hurry and can't take it slow. I suppose there are medical checks during some conversations too or interactables that require medical skill, but I haven't ran into any as far as I'm aware. You can bandage wounds with 0 medical too. There's a treshold, which I believe is 30 points in the skill, which if you're below you're not allowed to do medical operations from the operations menu.
  8. Igor and Kalyna have some fancy dialogue between one another. So far that's been the only pair on my team that has actually had any idle chatter about... things other than "OH! SUCH-ZEHR GUT SHOT!" after killing somebody. The girls in my group are constantly back patting eachother for kills though.
  9. Yes. Night Visiong Goggles only seem to remove the attack penalty during the night time or when you're underground, but it doesn't affect anything else and if it does I've barely noticed. As mentioned above, if your merc has the Night Ops perk, there is no reason for them to ever wear NVGs.
  10. The enemies most certainly aim for the head and limbs. They often seem to favor limb shots when you're in a prickly situation to make it difficult for you to either engage, escape or close in. I've had many a situation where the enemy snipers have domed one of my mercs with their rifles when I've been playing carelessly.
  11. One thing to note about the enemies in the game is that they can see 360 degree around themselves. In the screenshot above you successfully stealth killed the first guy, but the other one was too close to the first and he saw his buddy die. He is in a "surprised" state, as indicated by the little exclamation thingy above his unit type. When enemies are surprised and you kill them with the next action you take, they won't alert anybody else, unless somebody else sees the surprised person die. But that is only one action though. They get the normal enemy reposition turn if that single attack doesn't succeed or you click the end turn button, which begins the combat as per the norm. The only thing you could have done to prevent a full blown fight here, would have had somebody with Mouse, preferrably with a silenced gun who could have shot the surprised enemy from stealth. But personally, what I would do in this particular scenario, I would just run Mouse behind the boxes to her left or the tires behind her and see if she could toggle stealth again (which is unlikely since you can't stealth again during the same turn you were exposed) or hit the shield action icon thing to take cover and hope for the best. It provides amazing bonuses to defence and often makes enemies not able to hit you at all even from up close unless they flank you and the biggest bonus from using the action is that it gives you up to 5 extra AP towards the next round of combat.
  12. When you get close to the enemy before the turn based combat, there's a slight delay before they spot you, indicated by the little bar filling up. If you're crouching or especially hiding, it'll take longer for them to spot you while also reducing the range they start spotting your mercs from, giving you more time to react. It can still be a hassle though. All I can really advice you to do is to not get too close to the enemy while you're planning your approach and when you do approach, use different stances (crouching, crawling). When you start combat by shooting somebody, keep an eye on the Action Point cost of your attack. The game counts your attack, even before the turn based combat has properly started, as if you had just taken your turn. So if your merc has 12 AP, you sneak up close in real time, aim a shot for 7 AP, your merc will only have 5 AP left to spend during the actual first turn of the fight. The same is true for any other actions you might have setup with other mercs. For example: If you setup overwatches before the fight starts, your mercs will not have any AP left for that first combat turn. So, in short, don't waste all your AP into the first attack unless you know there are no tangible threats to your mercs who can reach your guys after the first combat turn. Keep in mind, the enemy will always get a free "reposition" turn when the fight starts, because the first actual combat turn will always be yours to take. Some higher skilled enemies are also sometimes allowed to make a single action during the reposition turn, such as using a weapon specific action or be allowed to shoot once, but that's fairly rare. The example your provided about the sniper with a suppressor. If the shot is not made from stealth and it doesn't kill the target, the merc will be revealed (taken out of stealth) the moment the bullet hits the target. If you manage to kill the target in one shot, the merc will remain hidden. The AI though seems to almost always know the general direction where the bullet came from and will probably rush towards your sniper position regardless. As a side note: If you stealth kill any enemy target and the bullet pierces their body and hits somebody else, the merc will come out of stealth even if the intended target dies. Sneaking is very powerful in the game when done right. A merc with good stats and sneaky perks can stealth their way almost through anything regardless of the time of day, and with silenced guns or knives, can clear entire sectors solo. They're even better at it if it's night or wearing gear with stealth bonuses. Though I'm fairly sure you're unlikely to run into stealth gear early in the game. While sneaking around, I'm afraid you'll just have to get a feel for how close you can be to any enemy. Try to avoid spolights too, they will reveal you REALLY fast. Also, while sneaking you shouldn't linger around the enemy for long, ever. Once the bar starts to fill, they will spot you unless you reposition.
  13. Guys! The game has been a blast. It might not be perfect and I've my own list of issues with it, ranging from visuals to gameplay elements, but damn have I had fun playing. You managed to finally, after over 20 years, bring us a game that is worthy of the title Jagged Alliance and it is seriously good. I can't wait to see what you have in stock for the game in the form of patches and DLC. Thank you, for all the effort and care you've poured into the product. It shows.
  14. Was fighting the enemies on the prison map. There was a guy with the FN Minimi. He put a single burst down in my general direction and absolutely tore one of my guys into pieces with a 100 something points of damage instantly deleting him. I'm not really complaining though. It was pretty sweet all things considered.
  15. This is exactly what I was implying. The indicator for obstruction might not display properly for all shots you take. I'm willing to accept that there's always a slight chance for a 95% to miss and then the merc just blasts the cover object when that happens, but it's happened the way I described so many times that I simply refuse to believe my best sniper with 90+ marksmanship and a gun modded to the hell and back would be willing to just shoot the cover next to them that often. Then again, maybe I've just gotten very many unlucky rolls. It's always a possibility and now my bias is skewed.
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