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Jagged Alliance 3 Demo


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3 hours ago, Warmonger said:

Hoping for, Most of us playing JA3 now are "veterans" form JA1 and mainly JA2. Oldies we are and I am actually 64. Do not know if the kids like kinda game. For me is np to pay it all to get more. I will pay any upgrade. If Haeamimont now stops it would be a pity and the game will fully fall into the hand of the modders. While I was  never a friend of to much modding changing balances and all this.

I'm half that age 😄 my son is 10 and he plays JA3. I've shown him how to play but now he starts the game by himself which is impressive because he is playing only Fortnite and Forza Horizon 5 for one year. I want more of JA3 for sure. 

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