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JA3 Soundtrack


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Hiya folks!

Bought the game from GOG yesterday, and the soundtrack. Downloaded both and now I'm looking at a bunch of .wav and .mp3 files for the soundtrack. This'll 'sound' idiotic but where the hell do you put the files? I looked at the game directory but nothing obvious there, or did I misread the info and the music is not in-game and only for personal use?

Cheers in advance for any assistance!


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The game already comes with the soundtrack, but it is only played while JA3 is running.

The separately sold soundtrack allows you to play the tracks outside the game as well.

So to answer your question, you put the files wherever you want to play them: usually your computer, or your phone, or a dedicated mp3 player.

Your question sounds to me as if you have no music inside the game?

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Hi D13,

To be honest, I bought the soundtrack thinking that it'd be incorporated into the game, as a sort of bonus musical score - if you will, not realising it already comes with the game! It is great music, albeit not the type I'd listen to when not playing the game.

Thank you for straightening that out for me. Cheers, mate!   


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