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Overwatch after patch


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hello, shooting targets with zero chance to hit like behind covers such as boxes walls etc. was not annoying as now. with the new 1.03 patch you lost lots of attack times in a turn so my machine gunner lost 4 auto shoots on these impenetrable/impossible targets. 4x10 40 bullets wasted and more than that she couldnt shot in front of her enemies because she lost her chances with these impossible shots i have wrote above.

so devs should fix this overwatch attitude. if enemy is behind cover or smth like that then machine gunner first attack the ones she can hit like front of her nose not the ones behind cover so she wouldnt lose her chances in that turn.

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There is already such a check whether there is line of sight to the target. If there is not (they are behind cover or just out of range) it will display a message Overwatch Failed. What they can do is to allow you to modify the range of the cone for machine guns, so you can set it closer to you and not overlap some good cover.

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