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Merc Auto-Switch Bug


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can we please get rid of this auto-switch of mercs? whenever i do, game is switching my merc with no reason.

here i shoot an enemy with fox,


and right after that game switch to another squad's merc, raider. why does do that?


same thing for loading save game files. every time i load a save, selected merc is changing. since there is no hotkey for selecting merc i am really sick of selecting these merc every single time!


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  • shadoww changed the title to Merc Auto-Switch Bug

I agree, very annoying. Game should be smarter about this, and perhaps switch to the nearest merc, or just follow the squad order, or even learn from the manual selection order of previous turns.

Even when you right-click a merc to look at their inventory, it sometimes switches to another work.

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