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Help! I deployed my new Mercs into enemy territory and now they have no chance


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I order 4 new top mercs via AIM website   (Ivan, Shadow, Magic and Thor). When it asked where I want them deployed I was able to choose I1 (the starting island).

i am already in the part of the game where a new enemy took back the island. But I thought that this group of silent killers will have an easy plan with whoever might be there...

However, since they are newly deployed they only come with very very basic guns. The enemies on the other hand seem to be A-Game, there are 10 of them, all up the the neck in guns, grenades and armor... I stand no chance, they just kill my guys of in no time.

What can I do? Can I somehow change the deployment while they are in midflight? Or do you have any ideas? 

I tried sneaking out, but there are just to many and they are searching everyhwere...

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If you are the attacker and haven't deployed yet, you can just close the tactical overview window and play on. Send in your other squad to reinforce your stranded mercs.

But if you already went into tactical view and deployed your mercs, all you can do is try to sneak away and retreat.

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What about surrender and create a new rescue-mission, getting your mercs Out of prison? Nope, just kidding 😉

Just give it a try, i think you overestimate enemies power, huge in amount and having big firearms or not. Try do some stealth kills for some lonely enemies and than you would have better weapons maybe. Or retreat to another sector, Lxant already mentioned and come back later or do a combination of both. Its possible, you only have to work it out. If youre doing saveloads its pretty easy anyway.

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