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Jagged Alliance Bricks


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Hello my dear Jagged Alliance fans, please come and have a look to my brick arts that i am doing with LEGO minifigs mainly based on Jagged Alliance`s characters and also others. Recently opened a Instagram Page with the purpose where i will be posting and showcasing my new minifig concepts and photography. Also trying to promote the "Jagged Alliance" brand in a different sector.


My Instagram Page : JaggedAllianceBricks



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On 5/2/2023 at 12:50 AM, Solaris_Wave said:

Very nice! Love the little details. Who is the guy with the sombrero?

Thanks, there is a lot more to come so please have a follow & support. As i mentioned not all minifigs will be directly from Jagged Alliance but similar & suitable characters to it, @Haemimont_Boian Haemimont games can have better a look for further DLC characters creation or for the next Jagged Alliance part.


You mean El Mexa, it was a famous YouTube chanel few years ago (not really so active anymore) that shown just Mexican cartel news, of course the blood & gore content was censored but they also had a group in Telegram where you could see all kind of very cruel stuff. So he is just a fictional character that represented a mariachi like sicario / mercenary character.

El Mexa.jpg

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I was also trying to recall where I saw that non-standard AK rifle that Ivan is carrying. I then remembered they were the Type 93 Chinese rifles from Fallout 3. Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons did a great tribute video to Fallout 3's Type 93. I think it was for April 1st and therefore a gimmick. He still went into the same amount of detail he usually does though!


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