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JA3 Crashes and SavedGames won't load


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Hi All,

Since a few weeks, JA3 is unplayable for me.

Random crashes (with no error massage on screen) and saved games that won't load.
The Crashes ar different in behaviour. 

Sometimes the game just dissapear. Sometimes the UI freezes and i have to kill the process.
Almost always when the Turn Ends.

On the steam community discussions, there are a lot of people experience this problem.
I was hoping the last patch would solve the issues. But it does not.


The log files in the user/appdata/roaming folder acknowledge the crashes, but beside the "Access Violation" messages ther is nothing that makes any sense troubleshooting this issue.

I allready tryed the following:

- Different NVidia Drivers (older)
- Reinstall the game, cleaned all folders and registry options
- Forced DX11 or DX12 in the startup
- All possible settings ingame, lowest, highest

I play a whole lot other games with no issues.
I also played JA3 for 60 hours from the launchday with no issues. And the sjizzle started when i arrived in Section K9, where i'm still stucked.


My system specs are pretty high, so that should not be the issue.
Intel i9 last Generation
RTX 4090 GPU
128GB DDR4 Ram
Windows 11 Prof
Nvme SSD game disk


Hopefully someone has the golden tip for me, cause this is driving me crazy.



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11 hours ago, wilku said:

have you got any mods subscribed?


Hi Wilku.

No, I dont use any mods.

Yesterday i tryed playing the game. And the crash happened again after more then 20 minutes.
I can't back it up with facts, but it seems it only happens in the turn shift while in combat.

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  • 4 weeks later...

For the ones who is interested. I found the solution.

My system runs on 128GB 3200Mhz Memory on X.M.P. Profile 2.
No other game is giving me issues with this setup. Only JA3 for some reason.

When turning off the X.M.P. Profile and running the memory on 2400Mhz i have no problems at all.

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