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M14 upgrade


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Just found my first M14 in the game. What do you think about this gun? Is it worth to spend parts on upgrades or just pass? I was thinking about close/mid range sniper build for silent kills. I'm using mostly Gewehr 43 now. Still early in the game.

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In my first play-through, Barry wasn't immediately available but was ready just before I liberated Ernie island. He arrived with an M14. It seems ok although I am still too early in the game to have an experienced opinion. While not that powerful in terms of damage per shot, it is accurate. It is very moddable as well, so I am currently in the process of making it more like an M21, except I can't remove the automatic fire selector.

The best gun I have right now is the Gewehr 98. It isn't as moddable, being an older rifle. Buns is using it, with a scope that enhances critical damage, and a suppressor. She can usually pop one enemy per turn if she gets a clean hit.

I don't like that the G98 uses 7.62x51mm (it shouldn't) and that seeing it supposedly uses the same cartridge as the M14, the G98 does more damage per bullet. I guess it was done for simplicity and that the M14 is weaker because it can fire automatic. If I mod JA3, I will change both the ammo type for the G98 and make the M14 more powerful per shot but much less accurate in automatic.

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42 minutes ago, Solaris_Wave said:

Is there actually an M21 in the game? I read that the M24 is in there, which is a different rifle. The M21 is a semi-auto only accurized version of the M14. The M24 is the military version of the Remington 700, which is bolt-action.

Of course I meant M24

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