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Enemy spotted!


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How does the game decide what happens when an enemy first spots you? For most of the game it feels like the players always gets the first attack, but sometimes an enemy will randomly get the first shot. I did some testing by spawning 100 Marauders (AK47 with Auto Weapons perk) in to see what they did during their "Enemy spotted!" phase. I tested it 5 times.


1-2 enemies always immediately shoot when they spot me. One even shot through their own team mates to hit Steroid.

1-3 used Overwatch.

1-3 used Take Cover. 

The rest either stood around or took a few steps and crouched.

Some randomness is good, but what exactly causes the enemy to get those cheeky first shots? Is there a way to avoid it?


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40 minutes ago, sandman25dcsss said:

Probably it is better to spawn less enemies, they have no space to move, it can affect their decisions.

Yeah true, and I should've tested in a more open space, though I did summon each one individually. With the Mod Tools you can hold SHIFT and press Spawn Enemy every couple of seconds.


12 minutes ago, Uncle Nick said:

The enemy that have reactive fire perk, they don't run away to reposition, instead they run towards your merc. 

Yup, though the Marauders should only have Auto Weapons and MinFreeMove perks.


Seems there's just about a 1% chance an enemy will get the first shot when combat starts.

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Biff is a Tactical Genius. The merc survivors are all safely behind cover; but Biff wants to lead his men from the front. During the enemy re-positioning, i was half-hoping for one of the enemy Ai to take a pot shot at Biff; but NO, it never happens.   

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